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Global Management
HGU Graduate School Application Requirements for Prospective Foreign Students Academic Year - Spring, 2019
Handong Global University will be a "Global Christian University", educating twenty-first century leaders for our nation and the world, who embody excellence in both academics and Christian moral character, in particular, honesty and service.
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Field and Admission Quota
Graduate School of Global Management and Leadership
Degree Field Department capacity
Master’s Course MBA Global Business 10
Total 10
  • Both applicant and their parents must be native citizens (non-Korean citizens).
  • Applicant must have an university diploma or have completed their 16 years of elementary, junior/middle, high school and university in foreign countries.
Forms to Submit
All documents must be written in Korean or English. Documents written in any other language must be accompanied with a notarized document.
  • Application form (Handong Global University’s Form_ input through web and download with photo attached) 1 copy
  • Self-introduction (Handong Global University’s Form) 1 copy (Download - MS Word)
  • Study plan (2~3 pages, A4 size) 1 copy
  • Recommendation letter (Handong Global University’s Form) 1 copy (Download - MS Word)
  • University transcripts (for 4 years) 1 copy
  • University diploma or certificate of pending graduation 1 copy
  • Diploma or graduation certificate of elementary / junior high school 
  • Birth certificate which can prove the parents and applicant's relationship and nationality 1 copy
  • Copy of applicant's passport 1 copy
  • (Optional) Valid official English score such as TOEFL(80 IBT, 550 PBT, 210 CBT), TEPS 550, GRE, or TOPIK
  • Certificate on proof of family members and whole household birth certificate 1 copy (only Chinese students)
  • Financial statement (bank statement) 1 copy
    (Certificate of the applicant’s deposit balance with minimum amount of 10,000USD for at least one month or sponsor’s certificate of employment, certificate of business registration with sponsor’s certificate of property tax payment & letter of support)
Application Procedure
  • Document Evaluation: Document evaluation based on university transcripts, study plan and English ability.
  • Interview(If needed)
Application Due Dates
Application Registration 2018. 11. 5 (Mon) ~ 2018. 11. 16 (Fri)
Document Evaluation 2018. 11. 19 (Mon)
Expected Interview 2018. 11. 22 (Thu)
Notification of Admission 2018. 11. 28 (Wed)

Enrollment date

2018.12.10 (Mon) ~ 12.12 (Wed)
Issuance of admission certificate 2018. 12.17 (Mon) ~ 12.19 (Wed)
Notes for Applicants
  • All documents must be written in Korean or English. Documents written in any other language must be accompanied by a notarized document.
  • Submitted documents will not be returned.
  • Any false or misleading information found in the application or supporting documents will result in cancellation of admission.
  • Admitted applicants should pay the registration fee within the period. If not, the admission will be cancelled.
  • Multiple applications to Handong Global University are not allowed.
  • Applicants must regularly check Handong Global University's Internet Homepage at "" to check every schedule related to notification of admission, interview, and information for admitted students.
  • All Chinese Applicants must submit their Family Register.
General Information
Forms distribution : Applicants can download admission requirements, application form, and recommendation form from Handong Global University's Internet Homepage at
Application registration :
  • Dept. of Academic Affairs Section of Graduate School
  • Tel. # : 82-54-260-1206 / Fax. # : 82-54-260-1209
  • E-mail :
Registration mail will NOT be accepted after 18:00 KST, 16 November, 2018
  • Academic Affairs of Graduate School Department
    Handong Global University
    Pohang, Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea (37554)
  • Application fee : ₩100,000(KRW)
  • Bank Information:
    Bank Address : 50, Ulchiro 2-ga, Chung-gu, Seoul, 100-758, Korea
                  Pohang Branch 417-18, Nambin-dong, Buk-gu, Pohang, Korea
    Account Number : 950-000157-01-351
  • For mail registration, postal order or check needs to be enclosed
Handong Global University 558 Handong-ro Buk-gu, Pohang Gyeongbuk 37554 Republic of Korea
Tel. +82-54-260-1111
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