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Campus Announcements
Vacancy Announcement of Tenure & Non tenure Track Faculty For Spring·Fall Smester 2019
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1. Vision and Educational Goals

  • Cultivate honest Christian leaders who can transform the world with the spirit of love, humility and service, and glory of God.

  • Raise honest global leaders who serve communities, nations, and the world, especially developing countries, through their professional skills and personal ethics.

  • Train honest and competent intellectuals who re-establish the true purpose of education in various academic fields with a Christian world-view, and restore Biblical creationism and impaired morality. (Isaiah 58:12)

2. Available Positions Department




The number to be admitted






School of Law

UIL (US & International Law)



All fields of US law

School of Counseling Psychology and Social Welfare

Counseling Psychology



Psychology, Counseling Psychology

School of Spatial Environment System Engineering

Urban and Environmental Engineering



Urban and Regional Planning

School of Mechanical and Control Engineering

Electronic Control Engineering



All fields of electronic control

School of Contents  Convergence Design

Visual Communication Design



All fields of Visual design

Product Design



All fields of Product Design

School of Life Science

Life Science



Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology

School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Computer Science



Big data, artificial intelligence, virtual / augmented reality (including graphics) and IoT, computer security / network / system




Global Leadership School

ICT Convergence basics



All areas of programming languages and computer applications




3. Qualification for applicant

A. Applicants must have a Ph.D. degree or is expected to acquire a Ph.D. degree by the date of appointment (March 1st, 2019 or September 1st, 2019), and have no other disqualifying factors for appointment. Hiring will be revoked if those who are expected to acquire Ph.D. accepted before date of employment do not acquire until date of employment.

※ In the case of the School of Contents Convergence Design, you are able to apply if you have more than 5 years of experience in any field of education or business after earning your master's degree, even if you do not meet the requirements above.

※ In the case of the School of Law, a Ph.D. in law or equivalent degree holder. (Those with a degree in J.D. can apply only if the applicant has more than three years of education or practical experience.)

B. By the application deadline standard, applicant who is registered in the National Research Foundation of Korea and has the Research record above 200% in the past 3 years (November 23rd, 2015.~ November 22nd, 2018). However, by the application deadline standard, applicant who get a doctorate in recent 6 months can apply with the research record above 100%.

※ Research result standard of computation

i.   National Research Foundation of Korea 1st registration 100%, Doctorate thesis 100%,  Forensic Science International (SCI, SSCI, SCIE, AHCI, SCOPUS) 1st 200%

ii.   Research record recognition exchange rate: solo 100%, 2 persons 70%, 3 persons 50%, 4 persons above 30%.

C. Candidates should be able to lecture in English`.

D. Applicants should be able to both view their major field of studies and teach students from a Christian perspective

E. Applicants must follow and participate in realizing the university’s vision of whole person character education and evangelical Christian faith


4. Necessary Documents

A. Step 1 : Applying first, Submit following documents.

- One Application Form (Issued by HGU) : View attached File.

                 Fill out the form and submit it by e-mail. (

B. Step 2 : Selected candidates from Step 1 must only submit following documents.

  1. Detail Application Form (Issued by HGU)

  2. One copy of transcripts and diplomas of all degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate.)

  3. One copy of confirmation of working experience (for the past 4 years only.When applicant becomes a finalist, confirmation of all work experience must be submitted.)

  4. One copy of license (if applicable)

  5. One copy of list of accomplishments in research activities (Title, researchers, date of presentation, publication, synopsis of paper, etc.)

  6. One copy of doctoral thesis

  7. One copy of research papers since Nov. 23rd, 2015

         ※ Five representative papers for the past 3 recent years(Doctor’s thesis can be included)

     8. Two Recommendation Forms

  • One Recommendation each from Major and Non-Major(Faith) recommenders

  • Recommendation Form(Issued by HGU) : We will send the file to applicants who pass the Step 1.

  • A recommender should fill out the recommendation form and submit it by e-mail( or mail directly.

  • When a recommender sends it by e-mail, the title should be like this, “Recommendation_ the name of Applicant”. (Ex. If the name of applicant is “Michael Jordan”, the title of e-mail should be “Recommendation_ Michael Jordan”)


5. Application Procedures

A. Application Period:

B. Submission Method: Can be e-mailed

C. E-mail :

D. Selection Process (Refer to HGU Homepage for detailed screening procedures and criteria)

  Step 1: Document screening (Applicants will be notified of the result via e-mail or phone)

  Step 2: Basic and advanced screening (This step is applied only to those who pass step 1.Applicants will be notified of the result via e-mail or phone)

  Step 3: Interview (This step is applied only to those who pass Step 2.  Applicants will be notified of the result via e-mail or phone)

  Step 4: Interview with president of Handong Global University (This step is applied only to those who pass Step 3.Applicants will be notified of the result via e-mail or phone)


6. Others

  • The ability to embody a Christian perspective and to teach students from this perspective should be proved in the self-introduction letter.

  • Recruitments may not be made if there are no eligible applicants

  • A finalist’s appointment can be canceled if the application form is found to be falsified.


7. For Information and Application

    For further information, contact HGU’s Office of Academic Affairs.

∙ Address : Office of Academic Affairs, Handong Global University

558 Handong-ro, Heunghae-eup, Buk-gu, Pohang, Gyeong-buk, 37554

∙ Tel: (from Korea) 054-260-1074 (Official in charge: Young-kwang Kwon)

       (from outside Korea) +82-54-260-1074

∙ Fax: 054-260-1079

∙ E-mail:  Homepage:

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