Handong in the News
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1058 Handong Global University selected as '2020 Superior University in the Area of International Capacity' by the University News Network 영문 관리자 26 2020-10-23
1057 Handong Global University receives ‘The 34th Inchon Award’ in the Field of Education 영문 관리자 7 2020-10-08
1056 Handong Global University Successfully Finishes ‘Open Exhibition of Future City Smart Design for Post-COVID Era’ 영문 관리자 5 2020-10-07
1055 Handong Global University Hosts Webinar on Prospects for Future City towards Smart City 영문 관리자 5 2020-09-28
1054 Handong Global University and Nepal Kathmandu Institute of Technology Hold an Online Public Seminar on Improving the Urban Environment 영문 관리자 5 2020-09-22
1053 Handong Global University signs a Memorandum of Exchange with YWAM University of Nations, Hawaii 영문 관리자 6 2020-09-18
1052 Handong Global University Presents Honorary Doctorate Degree to H.E. Chaim Choshen, Ambassador of Israel to South Korea 영문 관리자 3 2020-09-16
1051 Handong Global University awarded the 34th Inchon Awards in Field of Education 영문 관리자 63 2020-09-04
1050 Handong Global University Donates 368 books to 7 partner universities in developing countries 영문 관리자 27 2020-08-28
1049 Handong Global University's Chair Professor Soon-Kwon Kim promotes research of new varieties of corn in Pohang and Pyongyang 영문 관리자 13 2020-08-26
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