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Handong Global University Successfully Held Asia•Africa International Development Cooperation Symposium
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- Public Officials from Asia and Africa presented research papers about various development issues and solutions


‘Global I-Creatinnovation Mobilization’*(‘Globalization Project Group’, head Jin-Won An) of Handong Global University (President Soon-Heung Chang) held International Development Cooperation Symposium as part of the ‘2017 Asia•Africa Week’ to promote students’ awareness and accountability as a global citizen for Asia and Africa with the Handong graduate school of Global Development and UNITWIN Project Group.


The purpose of this symposium was to raise awareness of various development issues in Asia and Africa and to find solutions together. Seventeen students of Handong graduate school of Global Development who are public officials from thirteen developing countries presented and discussed the researches that were studied in depth.


In his greetings, President Soon-Heung Chang announced “Handong Global University has opened the doors to people from developing countries who can effectively change their countries that are suffering from poverty, famine, disease, and conflicts. By establishing close relations with governments of developing countries and universities, we plan to promote cooperation in education and research.” Also, he conveyed the hope that “public officials from developing countries would make positive changes to their countries when they go back.”


In addition, Professor Soo-Young Jang of Pohang University of Science and Technology, Professor Yeon-Ho Jung of Keimyung University and other professors of Handong Global University participated as paper examiners to evaluate and discuss the presentations at this symposium.


This symposium was held twice once on October 26th (Thur) and again on November 9th (Thur), it was from 6:00pm to 8:30pm at the All Nations Hall 414 in Handong Global University. Prior to the symposium, local experts from various developing countries such as Uganda, Nepal, and Mongolia were invited to lecture on topics related to cooperative development on October 24th (Tue) and November 7th (Tue).


At the last symposium on November 9th (Thu), Asim Kumar Sarkar, an official from Bangladesh, proposed a long-term development plan for the Allied Digital Centers that are established in many parts of Bangladesh with the title of “Policy System for a Sustainable Digital Center”. Ahmel Neoapo, an official from Cameroon presented a proposal to use urban solid wastes as raw materials for electricity generation in Douala, Cameroon with the title of “Plasma Technology Application in Electricity Generation and Solid Waste Management of Cameroon”.


On October 26th (Thur), the discussant of the symposium, Professor Yeon-Ho Jung shared his opinion that “governments of developing countries are trying to solve problems in a provider’s perspective, but if they consider the consumer’ perspective and accessibility, they can develop more effective solutions.” Professor Soo-Young Jang of Pohang University of Science and Technology encouraged the presenters by stating that “the process of applying the new environmental technique is always difficult since they need to satisfy many related persons; however, it is a necessary process in order to protect the environment of developing countries.” Also, Professor Myeong-Soo Heo, the dean of ISLL of Handong Global University noted that “there are many creative ideas, but it is better to consider why those ways were not used when you propose.”


The symposium was held as part of the “2017 Asia•Africa Week”, which is held annually since its first appearance in 2015.


* Globalization Project Group of Handong Global University (Global I-Creatinnovation Mobilization) was selected as a regional university specialization project by the Ministry of Education in July 2014. With School of Management and Economics, School of International Studies, Languages and Literature, School of Spatial Environment System Engineering and Graduate School of International Development and Cooperation, to cultivate global students to lead globalization and creative innovation, using ICT, a variety of globalization education programs are pursued, including various programs designed to encourage students from various fields to recognize and solve problems such as ▲operation of learning programs ▲visiting global companies to experience business ▲international organization and international regional research and practicum.


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