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Handong In The News
Handong Global University was designated as a certified university for IEQAS.
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Handong Global University (President Soon-Heung Chang) was designated as a certified university for IEQAS(International Education Quality Assurance System) which is conducted by the Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea.


The previous education quality assurance system has been reconstructed and extended to include IEQAS standard which aims to manage the quality of universities and attract outstanding international students through a selection of institutions of higher education that have reached a certain level of international capacity.


For two consecutive years, Handong Global University has been designated as a certified university, thereby continuing to proceed as an IEQAS certified university until at least January 2021.


As a certified university, Handong Global University will receive benefits which include simplified foreign student visa credential evaluation procedures, Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) opportunities, and elevated governmental financial support for international programs.  Also, a list of IEQAS certified universities will be published within the ‘Study in Korea’ system posted throughout foreign government programs.  And it will be used as one of several credible resources available for foreign students seeking a higher education in Korea.


Under the educational goals, “University for Study Abroad” and “Fostering Global Citizen,” Handong Global University has unfolded various international programs since its establishment.  As a result, Handong Global University has been recognized for its global sphere of influence, boasting a high rate of foreign professors and diverse national backgrounds among the student body. Handong provides a favorable study environment for foreign students, as well as a 100% acceptance rate in dormitory housing, and numerous programs for Korean culture experience and language learning. In addition, Handong encourages students to develop a good character and leadership skills through its renowned unique systems, including the homeroom professor model and the Handong honor code.

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