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HGU Holds 20th Graduation Ceremony…1,015 Students Graduate
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The 20th graduation ceremony of Handong Global University (HGU) was held at the Hyoam Chapel, Handong Global University at 1:30pm, February 19, 2018. Graduates, parents, professors, and distinguished guests including HGU President Chang, Soon Heung, HGU Board Chairman Lee, Jae-Hoon, Mayor Lee, Kang-Deok of Pohang City, and a member of the National Assembly Kim, Jeong-Jae attended the ceremony which was presided by Professor Kwak, Jin-Hwan. Total of 881 bachelor’s degrees, 132 master’s degrees, and 2 doctoral degrees were conferred at this ceremony.


The graduation ceremony was held in a warm weather, thanks to which graduates were able to walk around the campus with flowers on their hands as their last memory of school life with their parents and friends.


Starting with the opening proclamation and honoring of the national color, the ceremony proceeded with ▲prayer by Chaplain Choi, Chong Hun ▲remarks of Chairman Lee, Jae-Hoon ▲remarks of President Chang, Soon Heung ▲conferment of honorary doctoral degrees ▲conferment of diplomas ▲conferment of awards ▲speech by the graduate representative Kim, Ki-Chan and ended with special performance of Pitch Pipe and a song of blessings from the attendees.




Chairman Lee first delivered a short remark about ‘God’s Calling.’ “If I follow His calling, I become capable to do what I cannot do on my own. God’s men should listen attentively solely to God’s calling. I pray in Jesus’ name that the graduates become the passage of blessing that shares blessings from God by adhering to His calling,” said Chairman Lee.


Remarks of President Chang then followed. “I hope that the graduates do not become receivers but givers. People of Handong should become the ones who give the most and ones who deliver the gospel and love,” said President Chang. He assured, “I hope that the graduates become wise and creative individuals who solve problems for their neighbors.”


After the remarks, President Chang awarded honorary doctoral degrees to Pastor Kim, Jang-Hwan and President Bradley J. Creed of Campbell University in the United States. HGU has conferred honorary doctoral degrees to domestic and foreign figures who contributed greatly to academic development and human cultural advances.


Pastor Kim, Jang-Hwan strived for promotion and growth of Christian culture in the religious world of Korea and was recognized for his contributions to global evangelization through domestic and foreign broadcasting missionary works. In particular, during the difficult times of the foundation of Handong International Law School (HILS), Pastor Kim connected HILS with Campbell University which exerted strong influence in American legal society, thereby helping it settle as the first Korean law school of American system. Moreover, by utilizing his Christian network overseas, he helped HGU be known around the globe and served as a matchmaker who contributed greatly for HGU to prepare its basis for cooperation and exchange with American religious world and several Christian colleges in America.




President Creed contributed significantly to academic advance as a religious history scholar who marked extraordinary achievements and led development of Campbell University by running the school with exemplary leadership. In addition, Campbell University, where he currently serves, provided huge assistance to foundation and management of HILS when it was first founded in 2002 by introducing the first Dean of School, and his direct and indirect contributions to the foundation and development of HILS were noteworthy.


Following the conferment of honorary doctoral degrees, conferment of diplomas took place by Schools, during which President Chang and School professors congratulated graduates for their new starts. Afterwards, awards were given to graduates of honors: Hyun, Min Ji (School of Mechanical and Control Engineering) received Board Chairman Award; Jang, Dong Hyeong (School of Law) received KEB Hana Bank President Award; Alumni Association President Award was awarded to Lim, Eun Joo (School of Contents Convergence Design).


Congratulatory remarks of Mayor Lee, Kang-Deok of Pohang City, a member of the National Assembly Kim, Jeong-Jae, and Alumni Association President Choi, Yoo-Gang then followed. “We are the people of Handong who grew up with love which should never be taken for granted. Please do not forget the love that we owe,” said President Choi. He continued, “Please serve HGU together as alumni starting today. I plea to you to be together in building HGU with the love and grace we have received.”


After the congratulatory remarks, Kim, Ki-Chan, a graduate representative delivered a graduation speech. “I believe that it accomplishes the nation of God when we keep the values we have learned and experienced at Handong as we live this world,” said Kim. He added, “I hope that God’s nation be proclaimed on this earth through us who altogether instill in this world the warmth at Handong we were privileged to experience.”


At the end of the ceremony was a special performance of Pitch Pipe, an acapella club, to congratulate the graduates. After the performance, attendees sang a song of blessings for graduates, and the graduation ceremony concluded with the benediction of Pastor Cho, Geun-Shik, President of Pohang Christian Church Federation.


HGU has produced 12,197 bachelors, 1,795 masters, and 9 doctors since its foundation in 1995.

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