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Hyundai Steel donates 'H CORE' to HGU for building restoration from earthquake damage
writer: 영문 관리자   |   date: 2018.02.23   |   count: 314


Hyundai Steel donated H-Beams, branded H-CORE, in order to help with the restoration of HGU that was hit by an earthquake last November 15th.  H CORE was newly released by Hyundai Steel last November 11th, and it is a more flexible, shock-absorbing steel that reacts better to ground shaking caused by earthquakes. 


With H-beam steel weighing in at 98 tons and measuring total 2.5 km in length, HGU plans to install canopies at 14 campus building exits so that students are protected from falling debris, such as bricks, during earthquakes, etc.   


* Term Explanation

[Canopy]: A projection or shelter resembling a roof; a cantilever

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