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Handong Global University and POSCO Actively Embark on 'Smart Steelwork'
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-On February 27, the MOU ‘Academic-Industry Cooperation for Smart Factory’ was signed.

-Improved technology exchange and provisions for outstanding local workforce.


On February 27, Handong Global University (President Chang, Soon Heung) and Pohang Iron and Steel Company (Chief Manager Oh, Su Hyeong) signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the ‘Academic-Industry Cooperation for Smart Factory.’ The convention was held at Cheong Song Dae, Pohang and both the president of HGU and the chief manager of POSCO attended, along with their ten other associates from the two institutions.


The School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering of Handong was designated as the cooperative institution for Smart Factory by POSCO. POSCO will operate the Smart Factory business project in partnership with Handong, finding solutions to improve support for mutual technology exchange and in paving a way in the 4th Industrial Revolution for an outstanding local workforce.

President Chang, Soon Heung remarked, “Closer cooperation and exchange within human resources between HGU and POSCO will actively unfold through this agreement. I am looking forward to seeing the field of interests of HGU students becoming even more diversified through this MOU, as well as students contributing to the process of Smart Pohang Steelwork construction.”


Based on fifty years of traditional manufacturing methods and accumulated know-how, POSCO has devised an optimal production process called, ‘POSCO Smart Factory,’ that integrates the latest industry concepts such as the IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Transforming into the ‘Smart Steel Company,’ POSCO seeks to provide for the next generation the world’s best product in both terms of quality and economical price.


HGU and POSCO have both been carrying out a team project and AI education together since last year.  Professor Heeyoul Choi, under the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering faculty of HGU, has successfully completed the optimal load distribution project for Pohang Hot Rolling Mill No. 2. And Professor In-Jung Kim has facilitated the development of POSCO engineers’ competencies.  HGU and POSCO will continue to closely work with each other, and will continue implementing diverse AI techniques into the field, as Smart Steelwork undergoes construction.


POSCO Chief Manager Oh, Su Hyeong stated, “This MOU will certainly accelerate a ‘Smart’ POSCO as HGU and POSCO integrate the latest techniques they each have to contribute. And the competency of the future steel industry will improve as well.”

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