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Embracing hope to change the world!... Handong Global University holds an entrance ceremony
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On February 20th (local time), Handong Global University (President Chang Soon-Heung) held a 2018 entrance ceremony at Hyoam Chapel on campus. A total of 1500 people, including President Chang Soon-Heung, professors, freshmen, and school parents participated in this ceremony. Starting with an opening speech from Park Young-chun, dean of admissions office, the ceremony went through an order of ▲prayer (dean of student affairs), ▲sermon (university chaplain) ▲oration (president) ▲freshmen declaration ▲blessing song etc. 


810 freshmen were enrolled this year, including 670 students from 441 Korean high schools and 121 students from 103 foreign high schools in 34 different countries. Students came from all parts of Korea, and also from all over the world. 243 students (30.0%) were from Seoul·Gyeonggi-do·Incheon area, 151 students (18.6%) from Daegu·Gyeong-buk area, 98 students (12.1%) from Busan·Gyeong-nam·Ulsan area, 82 students (10.1%) from Gwangju·Jeolla area, 90 students (11.1%) from Daejeon·Chung-cheong area, and 25 students (3.1%) from Gangwon·Jeju area.


Chaplain Choi Jeong-hun gave a sermon on Ecclesiastes 12:1-2, with the title of ‘Duties of your youth’. Chaplain Choi said, “Handong University’s education goal is to develop a faithful leadership that would change the world. Students will have to study diligently. However, along with the academic works, I pray for students to never lose faith in God and become believers as this is the most important element to change the world.”


Also, there was a special praise performance by Handong University acapella club ‘Pitch-pipe’. Pitch-pipe sung a total of 3 songs, including ‘Handong University Logo Song’, and cheered for the freshmen’s new step.


President Chang Soon-Heung made an oration called ‘4 Hopes for Handong’ as a topic. President Chang said, “Beloved 2018 generation of hope, we will pray and put effort for each of you to become the most wise person, based on ceaseless learning, loving your neighbors, and the ability to solve problems. Moreover, he added that “Parents should pray for Handong University which will continuously change the local community and the world. Please maintain warm interests and love.”


After President Chang Soon-heung’s oration, there was a freshmen declaration. Student Park Sua and Satosi Nose (Japan) came out as a freshmen representative and read the ‘Handong Honor Declaration’ in Korean and English. In succession, all of the freshmen raised their right hand and chanted together.


Park Sua, who made declaration as a student representative, said that “I entered Handong University because I wanted to become a person who serves the world, rather than just seeking success.”, “I want to be a capable person with good character and ability, by broadening my perspective to various fields at Handong University. I hope it would be a joyful time to discover my vocation”.


The last procedure of the entrance ceremony was a special praise performance and a prayer. All of the participants stood up and sang a blessing song for the freshmen. After the blessing song, the first meeting of freshmen and Handong was completed with the benediction of Chaplain Choi Jeong-hoon.


Meanwhile, freshmen of Handong have to join a prior education program called HanST (Handong Spiritual Training), engraving a mental attitude as a Handong member by participating in team meetings, several lectures, recreation events, introductions of school institutes and majors, introductions of the RC(Residential College) system, Honor Declaration etc. The HanST program of this year is based on a slogan called ‘Generation of Hope’, and it is lasted for 5 days, until February 24th.

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