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HGU Nehemiah Hall’s Donor Wall Unveiling Ceremony to Engrave Cherished Will of Alumni Association
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On March 7, 2018, the unveiling ceremony of the donors’ wall was held on the first floor lobby of Nehemiah Hall. This wall was erected to commemorate the will of the HGU Alumni Association, in sponsoring the restoration of HGU’s Nehemiah Hall, which had been damaged by last year’s earthquake.


Inscribed on the wall is, ‘REBUILD HANDONG’, with the names of the 2,354 alumni who funded the restoration cost listed as the backdrop. Thirty people, including HGU President Chang, Soon Heung, HGU Alumni Association President Choi, Yoo Gang, NIBC CEO Park, Jin Ho, and other HGU personnel of faculty, staff, and students attended the ceremony.


During the ceremony, President Chang talked about the significance of restoring Nehemiah Hall, which he described as ‘a building constructed during the first days of the school,’ ‘a building in which the majority of [Handong’s] education takes place,’ ‘the building most frequently mentioned by the media after the earthquake,’ and ‘is named after a biblical figure who reconstructed ramparts [for the walls of Jerusalem.]’


“The Alumni Association sponsored the restoration, while the alumni corporation NIBC supported the reconstruction. I find it meaningful that the people who had once studied here came back for reconstructing Handong,” said President Chang. NIBC is a corporation established by HGU alumni, which provided great help with reconstruction from earthquake damage. President Chang added, “I consider this commemorative wall to be a future reminder for students of upcoming generations that HGU went through such a hardship and was able to recover from it well.”





The HGU Alumni Association donated a total of 350,000,000 won for the restoration of Nehemiah Hall by December 8, 2017. “I remember being moved by the hearts of those alumni who had not forgotten the love they received while at Handong, and who then returned for damage repairs,” said Alumni Association President Choi. He added, “The association is always cautious about the intents of graduates when taking any action, and this time, there was not a disagreement regarding the association’s decision among the alumni. The association will keep striving to support the school from an unnoticeable place.”


“Despite there being an earthquake, it was still so meaningful to see alumni taking part in the mission of HGU, in reconstructing ‘fallen ramparts.’” continued President Choi. He said, “I hope that HGU keeps carrying that role of reconstructing the fallen ramparts of this world. I believe this commemorative wall bears the determination of [HGU] alumni to do exactly that.” 

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