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HGU, ‘Learn and Share’ … Provides Software Educational Service Activity
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HGU (President Soon-Heung Chang) is providing software educational service activities to the local community as part of the ‘SW (Software) Centered University Supporting Project’, overseen by the Ministry of Science and ICT.


The SW Centered University Supporting Project encourages software education reflecting the demands of the industry. It increases ‘nation-business’ student competitiveness and supports universities that leads the increasing value of software education. 


The software educational service activities of HGU selected for this project last year are designed to close the gaps in IT education found between isolated regions. College students majoring in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering hold K-12 afterschool coding classes and manage coding camps during vacation.


117 students in elementary, middle, and high school are receiving coding education through this voluntary service, which is on its 2nd year since last summer vacation. Depending on school and student circumstances, there are six to ten classes held in total. Classes are held once a week and consist of 90-minute, 2.5 hour, or 4 hour sessions.


 This semester, HGU students are volunteering to provide software educational services at: ▲Jukcheon Elementary School ▲Daeboe Elementary School ▲Idong Middle School ▲Heunghae Middle School ▲Dongji Girls’ Middle School ▲Jungang Girls’ Middle School ▲Daedong High School.


Jeongsup Han (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering ‘17) software educational service volunteer at Daeboe Elementary School in Guryongpo stated, "There are many times that I get tired from going to the school every week, where it takes two hours per round trip, but I feel it is worth teaching them, as I am teaching students who do not otherwise have an opportunity to receive education in this field, since they live far from the city.”


In fact, several Handong students volunteering at Daeboe Elementary School, who provide software educational service activities every week, travel 120 km per visit, from Heunghae-eup Buk-gu, where HGU is, to Homigot-myeon Nam-gu, where Daeboe Elementary is. 


Principal of Daeboe Elementary School Kyungjae Lee said, "[Before] we did not have a single opportunity to receive coding education like this – like those in downtown areas, so we thank Handong students very much for coming this far to provide such educational services. Since it has become mandatory to provide coding education in middle school as of this March, and to open coding education classes for the 5th and 6th grade starting from next year, these classes are a great help for the students. ”


Professor Kwang Kim (Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering), Chief Manager of the SW Educational Service Activity stated, "Giving the knowledge of what one is majoring in is a big help for the student who receives it, but who gains the biggest lesson and joy are [the volunteers] themselves. HGU hopes that more students will experience ‘Learn and Share’ through this software educational service activity. "

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