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Handong Global University signs MOU with KAST Eco-friendly Agricultural Technology Co. for future agricultural technology development business
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Handong Global University (President Chang Soon-Heung) and KAST Eco-friendly Agricultural Technology Co. signed an MOU on April 2nd for future agricultural technology development.


Those attending the agreement ceremony included Handong University President Chang Soon-Heung, Head of Industry-Academia Cooperation Lee Jae-Young, Regional Strategy Specialization Team Vice President Lee Dae-Jun, Administrative Support Team Leader Lee Kwon-Yeong, School of Mechanical & Control Engineering Professor Lee Eun-Ho, and five employees from KAST Eco-friendly Agricultural Technology Co., including the headquarters director Park Jin-Suk and department head Park Mu-Ryang.


Participant Lee Jae-Young, Head of Handong University’s Regional Strategy Specialization Business(CK-I) Gyeongsangbuk-do East Sea Sustainable Energy-Environment Convergence Talent Training Organization, remarked, “The combination of food-energy production and future residential facilities will create a better way of life, joining a key industry with and for the era of a ‘super-aging’ society. Therefore, the meaning of this MOU with KAST Eco-friendly Agricultural Technology Co. is very significant.”


The two organizations also discussed the research and operation plans for the ‘Eco-friendly Smart Farm Demonstration Hall,’ which is a ‘plant factory’ established by the KAST Eco-friendly Agricultural Technology Co. in the eco-garden of Handong University.


KAST Eco-friendly Agricultural Technology Co. is a company that strives for excellence in plant factory systems for advanced cutting-edge agriculture and the distribution and export of Korean-made plant factories. Currently, they are supplying and running eco-friendly plant factories for about forty domestic institutes and companies, including the Eco-Friendly Smart Farm Demonstration Hall at Handong University.

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