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Sneak peek of Teacher’s Day in Handong
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On this special day, students celebrate Teacher’s day and honor their teachers. Handong Global University has an emphasis on character development based on Christianity, which has led to the school having its own unique tradition—on teachers’ day, students voluntarily decorate the front door of their professors’ office.


In Handong Global University, the team policy provides a family-like community along team activity for students. The team consists of about 30 to 40 students from different majors and a homeroom professor that come together as a team for one year. Homeroom professors play the role of being ‘parents on campus,’ by connecting with each student on a personal level. Professors support students in everything, from their academic life, future career to their spiritual life.


Team policy is based on the ‘Holistic Character Development’ education. This spirit of education is passed down to students through each professor’s individual efforts. Student in Handong Se-Mi Moon(Computer Science ’14) said, “I’m thankful that I’ve met 4 different mothers and fathers in Handong.”





Team members learn to honor, respect each other and develop their leadership skills as they work together, work in the same space, and live in the dormitory for a year.


Students start planning how to decorate the front door of their homeroom professor a week or even a month in advance. A day or two before Teacher’s day, teammates finally put their plans into action and decorate the front office door of their homeroom professor.  A freshman student Hyun-Wook Kim (GLS ’18) said, “It was good to experience Handong culture of honoring teachers.”


Even President Jang’s office is included in this tradition. Every year on Teacher’s day, student ambassadors of Handong ‘Nanumi’ decorate the front office door of President Jang. The representative of Nanumi Jung-Eun Kim (Life Science ’16) said, “I’m glad visitors can actually tell Handong’s tradition of expressing honor and gratitude to President Jang just by looking at his office door.” She also said, “Every year on Teacher’s day, I decorate the front office in appreciation of President Jang.”


Dean of Student Affairs Cho, Won-Chol said, “The tradition [that students decorate the front office door of professors] on Teacher’s day well represents the sincere and heart-to-heart relationship found between professors and students.” He also added, “Behind this culture, there is an effort and sincere attitude [from Handong members] that come into work as a foundation.

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