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Handong Global University Professor Kim In-Jung, awarded Minister Prize from Ministry of Science and ICT
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Handong Global University (President Chang Soon-Heung) Professor Kim In-Jung has been acknowledged for the results of his research development business in information, communication, and broadcasting, where he received the minister prize from the Ministry of Science and ICT at the ‘2018 ICT Technical Commercialization Festival’ May 23rd at Seoul Coex Mall.


This prize was awarded to Professor Kim for his acknowledgement and dedication to the commercialization of the 2016 home shopping T-commerce AI broadcasting service system, a broadcasting service that applies two-way data broadcasting technology to shopping and ordering products through television using the TV’s remote.


Professor Kim integrated the T-commerce service with AI, and is highly regarded for ▲developing an intelligent T-commerce broadcast programming service, especially through analyzing sales records and predicting the sales rate during certain time periods ▲ applying the curation of  individual consumer data ▲ gathering information and consumer trends using big-data and visualization technology. 


Professor Kim commented that, “The existing T-commerce broadcast programming is usually based on the broadcaster’s experience and intuition. However, the intelligent broadcast programming system can predict the sales record of each time period better and can optimize gathered information.” He also added that, “Since it is a technology based on big-data, it can accelerate and further specialize the service."


Professor Kim received his doctoral degree from KAIST in February, 2001. He was the first person to develop a mobile optical character recognition (OCR) engine for the Korean language.  From then on, he became further dedicated to the development of AI technology, especially through the commercializing AI and machine learning technology for the industrial setting.


Starting from 2012, Professor Kim has been conducting research in the field of deep-learning, one of the most important trends in the AI field. He was the first person in Korea to self-develop a ‘deep-learning convolutional neural network (CNN) engine’, and is now one of the most recognized deep-learning researchers in the country.


Professor Kim is leading the way to popularize deep-learning technology in domestic industries and academies, particularly by holding seventy academic lectures and seminars in many different countries. He has also achieved excellent results from the application of deep-learning in-text recognition, content-based video search, facial expression recognition, and the analysis of user intent for conversation systems.


Professor Kim stated, “I wish to share this joy with my students who have put much effort into this, and most of all I am thankful for Mr. Kim Deok-Jung, Director of W-shopping Research Center.”


※ Term Explanation

Curation: Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. The more contents, the more there will be an increase on the demand of better quality information, and curation is made to fulfill these demands. New business opportunities are expanded from a creative work (content making) to the categorization and distribution of contents.

*Source: [Naver Terms Dictionary] Economy Terms Dictionary, translated from Korean


Deep learning: A machine learning technology that is based on an artificial neural network (ANN) that uses the computer in order to make assumptions or ‘learn’ from a set of data, like a human.

*Source:  [Naver Terms Dictionary] Economy Terms Dictionary, translated from Korean

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