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Share with Marginalized Neighbors HGU to Hold ‘Creative Convergence Designing Academy’
writer: 영문 관리자   |   date: 2018.07.10   |   count: 217

(Photo) group photo from last year’s ‘Creative Convergence Designing Academy with the marginalized 90%’



Hosted by Handong Global University (HGU, President Chang, Soon Heung) and Sharing and Technologies Incorporated, ‘Creative Convergence Designing Academy with the Marginalized 90%’ will be held on campus by the Handong Innovation Center for Engineering Education from July 12th to the 14th.


In its 11th year since the launch, ‘Creative Convergence Designing Academy with the Marginalized 90%’ gathers around 100 domestic college students and mentors for collaborative engineering designing.


This academy was first launched with a purpose to help those isolated from the benefits of modern science & technology and its appropriated skills. During the conceptual design stage, participants are accompanied by not only engineering students, but those of visual arts, communication arts, international studies, and various other majors.


In teams of 4-5, students will solve designing problems with locally applicable appropriate technologies. They will improve their understanding of engineering’s social influence, gain engineering designing abilities, learn and fulfill community service through the study of engineering, participate in global problem-solving, and experience the integration of understanding and cooperation of technology with economics, society, and other diverse fields.


In this academy, students will be given a total of ten assignments including: devising and measuring the seamless use of kiosks by people with visual disabilities or in wheelchairs, assessing multipurpose indoor manual wheelchairs for people with lower body impairments (dining, movement, rehabilitation exercise, rest, defecation, etc.), designing and producing poultry feed and similar management systems from agricultural byproducts, developing better tooling used for tree debarking, designing of engineering technology for the processing of Allo (a plant grown to make fabric, etc.) developing of environmental-friendly toilets, (where waste water doesn’t adversely affect underground water) developing sewage technology based on rock filtration (utilizes gravel, etc.), designing for improved cooking facilities and methods of Southeast Asia’s rural traditional housing construction, designing of a remote surveillance method for solar photovoltaic power stations in rural towns located in the mountains, implementing plans to regulate harmful insect and animal populations (mosquitos, mice, etc.) in and around traditional housing complexes of Southeast Asia’s agricultural towns.


Researchers and experts join students in this academy. They as tutors provide mentoring and evaluation to help students with their problem-solving and give various lectures during the event.


During this academy of three days and two nights, Dr. Kim, Chan Joong (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute), Cho, Seong Cheol (Lao-Korea Science and Technology Center), Dr. Son, Moon Tak (Joy Institute of Technology), Prof. Lee, Won Seob (HGU), and Prof. Yi, Kang (HGU) will hold lectures, group activities, and poster presentations. On the last day of the academy, there will be final presentations.


Center Director Yong, Whan-Ki states, “Through this academy, I wish students to have and share these opportunities of engineering design with their marginalized neighbors.”

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