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HGU, successfully ended ‘Ulleung Local Environmental Improvement Design Camp’
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Handong Global University (President Chang Soon-Heung) successfully finished ‘Ulleung Local Environment Improvement Design Camp’. In Ulleung and Dokdo, the camp was held from July 9th to 12th, for four days and three nights. Students from HGU and POSTECH participated in the camp. 


Students had time to understand the geographical and historical environment of Ulleung through exploring the area and a lecture from an expert. In the evening, students discussed and agonized about problem solutions through group workshop.



The Grand prize awarded team


Students visited 4 towns of Ulleung and Dokdo, and listened to the lectures which topics are about village design through construction of ka-ok (Korean traditional house) and energy design for energy environmental improvement.


In the last day, students made presentations in groups about environmental improvement solutions through youth inflow, based on the knowledge that they have acquired through area exploration and thet lecture. Tae-ha Town team presented about efficiency rise in tourism, fulfilling the demand for energy through New Renewable Energy at the same time.


Hyun-soo Town team suggested a plan of powering village cafes through the use of solar energy, and the Chun-boo Town team suggested a plan of installing streetlights that distinguishes pavement and street to solve the inconvenience of residents and to utilize it as tourism resources.


Lee Jae-Jin (School of Mechanical and Control Engineering, sophomore), who received grand prize for his presentation said “I am glad to acquire these result from a very busy schedule. Through the camp, I earned a rewarding experience.”


Professor Lee Kwon-Yeong, who led the camp said “HGU and POSTECH Students with various majors discussed about the issues throughout the whole night and through it, they learned how to solve problem with integration”.  


President Chang Soon-Heung said “A new world is opened up for Ulleung. Energy environmental problems and issues related to The Fourth Industrial Revolution are expected to be new opportunities. I look forward to our students to carrying out these tasks.”


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