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HGU to Discuss Cooperative Plans with the Minerva Schools
writer: 영문 관리자   |   date: 2018.07.27   |   count: 699

(photo 1) Chang, Soon Heung (left), President, HGU,

with Ben Nelson, CEO, the Minerva Schools


Chang, Soon Heung, President, Handong Global University, visited San Francisco, USA on July 16, 2018 local time to meet Ben Nelson, CEO and founder of the Minerva Schools, for discussion of cooperative plans between two schools.


The Minerva Schools is known to be an innovative educational model. At Minerva, students move from campus to campus in 7 different cities worldwide to gain global insight in new environments. Lectures are 100% online for all 4 years. Students are highly encouraged to carry out individual and team projects, and lectures are discussion-oriented. It recorded 1% admissions rate last year with 220 admitted students among 21 thousand applicants around the globe.


During the meeting with Ben Nelson and the Minerva Schools staff, President Chang introduced the current status of HGU and its 10 projects, especially sharing the outcomes of the Silicon Valley internship program.


Since the inauguration of President Chang In 2014, HGU has established cooperative relations with companies in Silicon Valley and sent students for opportunities to experience internship overseas. Through this, winning students of campus start-up contest receive start-up mentoring from local experts, and students of the School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering gain practical experience at local companies. HGU is the first college nationwide to implement the system of ‘Free-learning Semester’ to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities.


CEO Ben Nelson also explained the vision and strengths of the Minerva Schools, emphasizing its core educational values: online lecture and discussion based on the IT technology of the Minerva Schools, cultivating competences to ‘adapt to changes’ in addition to academic knowledge, and global mind and network. 


Showing interest in the ‘Free-learning Semester’ system of HGU, CEO Ben Nelson agreed to actively seek diverse cooperative plans with HGU.


“Although a brand-new college with its first student enrollment in 2014, the Minerva Schools is an institute that has already been showing leap forward innovation with low cost,” said President Chang. He added, “I hope that HGU and the Minerva Schools establish close cooperation for global educational innovation from now on.”



※ ‘Free-learning Semester’

HGU implemented its ‘Free-learning Semester’ system in Semester 2015-2 as the first college nationwide. ‘Free-learning Semester’ is a system to accredit maximum of 12 credit hours for students who voluntarily participate in off-campus activities instead of on-campus lectures during semesters. This system is to encourage students’ voluntary experiences and participation-oriented activities for cultivation of creativity, search for vision, advancement of career, etc. Students may utilize the ‘Free-learning Semester’ system for internships, prjojects, start-up activities, language studies abroad, overseas cultural researches, domestic and overseas community service, etc.



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