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HGU holds ‘GET’ program for public officials and local community leaders in Peru
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Handong Global University (President Chang Soon Heung) holds Global Entrepreneurship Training(GET) from July 21st to July 26th in cooperation with University of Católica San Pablo (UCSP).


Approximately 100 people will attend this program. The attendees include current and future leaders who are mostly incumbent officials, entrepreneurs, professors, and entrepreneurs in pre-service.


30 other participants including professors from HGU and USCP, coordinators, student and research assistants who will attend the program for the UCSP program.


President Chang commented, “GET program sets its goal in bringing worldwide peace by transforming the heart attitude of future leaders in South America including the country Peru to prevent poverty and famine and to contribute to their country.” He also added that, “I hope this program will bring sustainable economic development, escalation of income in the nation and its cities, increase in job availability as well as reduction of poverty in mid-long term effects.”

GET is an international development cooperation program developed by HGU. And it has been ongoing for over 10 years since HGU had been designated as a University Twinning and Networking (UNESCO UNITWIN) by UNESCO. The purpose of the GET program is to educating leaders from developing countries with entrepreneurship and supporting the development of their countries.

 There have been a total of 27 programs that have taken place so far. Of those 22 have been regular programs and 5 of them have been special programs. They have been held in countries such as South Korea, Kenya, Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Ghana, Peru, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe with a total of 2,800 graduates.


Ha Seon Son, a researcher at the Handong Institute of Entrepreneurship Innovation (IEI) said, “GET program has supported strengthening the development capacity of developing countries by raising awareness through entrepreneurship education. GET program also has prepared leaders for economic development and fostered international entrepreneurs who are native.  


On the 26th, GET marks its ending with an award ceremony for outstanding teams in the business proposal contest. President Chang and ambassador of the Korean Embassy in Peru Joon Hyeok Jo will be attending the ceremony.


Participants from various different countries will spend time together introducing their local cultures and interacting with each other through program called Culture Night.


Also, over 2 days starting from July 30th, Junior Entrepreneurship Training (JET) will be held for high school students in Peru.

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