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HGU, the first South Korean University to make an Open Source Deep Learning Framework public
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(Photo) Deep Learning research team in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at Handong University ‘WICWIU’


Deep Learning Research Team WICWIU practicing the spirit of Handong University, ‘Learn to Give’


The Deep Learning research team in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at Handong University ‘WICWIU’ (hereinafter “research team”) made an ‘Open Source Deep Learning Framework WICWIU’ (hereinafter “WICWIU”) public for the first time among South Korean universities. Although foreign universities, which are leading in Deep Learning field, are driving development of their technologies by introducing their own Deep Learning framework, there have been no cases where any South Korean universities have introduced their own Deep Learning engines. It was unveiled at the KCC 2018 Society of Information Sciences and received an Excellent Thesis Award in acknowledgement for its technology and achievement.


The research team hopes to activate the development of a Deep Learning engine in South Korea by introducing the WICWIU as an open source. The team leader, Park Cheon-myung, commented on the introduction of WICWIU as an open source (※), "We disclosed the Deep Learning Framework project, which was rarely found in Korea, in the hope of raising interest in developing a Deep Learning framework and developing it together.”


WICWIU, which was introduced by the research team, is a Deep Learning engine developed with pure technology based on the experience of Professor Kim In-joong, a professor of the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at Handong University, who developed the first CNN engine in South Korea in 2012. Four undergraduate students at Handong University: Park Chun-myung, Kim Ji-woong, Ki Yoon-ho and Kim Ji-hyun - designed and developed it by reproducing the latest trends in Deep Learning technology.


The name WICWIU("What I Create, What I Understand") was inspired by the quote of theoretical physicist Richard Feynman, “What I cannot create, I do not understand" and it means “Deep Learning framework which we created and understood”. It consists of C ++ code with excellent readability and consistency, and a huge help to study deep learning technology applications and deep learning algorithms and engines.


"Developing a Deep Learning engine is difficult with mere superficial application skills and is only possible with full understanding of the core algorithms, and I am very proud that the Handong undergraduates were able to do this very successfully" said Professor Kim In-joong, who led the WICWIU development program. He also commented that, “Opening this to the public is to practice the spirit of Handong, “Learn to Give” by contributing to the development of Deep Learning technology in South Korea. Team leader Park then said, "We are grateful that we were able to experience designing and developing a program of scale through the open source WICWIU project," adding, "We are also happy to have the chance to contribute to the Deep Learning community through an open source form."


※ Open Source: To publish the source code of the software design free of charge through the Internet so that anyone can improve the software and redistribute it or that kind of software

※ WICWIU can be downloaded in " " and used by anyone for research and commercial purposes.

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