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HGU NITEC to Supply Allo Refining System to 20 Villages in Pokhara, Nepal
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(photo1) Allo refining system training


- Distributional sale of Allo refining system to 20 villages

- Sale of appropriate technology product to the Himalayan residents of Allo textile industry

Having successfully developed an appropriate-technology-based refining system for the newly-emerged natural textile substance, Allo (Himalayan Giant Nettle); Nepal Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship Center (NITEC; Director Han, Youn-Sik) of Handong Global University (HGU; President Chang, Soon Heung) held its education trainings and business workshops on August 18th – 20th and on 21st – 23rd in Pokhara, Nepal. As a preliminary project, the system is distributed to about 25 villages (a total of 83 Allo textile production employees) that had expressed an interest to purchase the system.



(photo 2) Allo refining system’s rocket stove and pressure boiler training


Costing approximately KRW 4,000,000, the Allo refining system is similar to the traditional hemp textile refining method, consisting of a rocket stove, pressure boiler, beating machine, and cleansing system. After being transferred to the local team, the technology was transformed to meet local needs, and 20 limited sets were produced for installment in villages that pre-purchased them. In addition, its sales and maintenance company will soon be established to continuously supply the Allo refining system to all of Nepal.


Utilizing a small-volume technology which is more locally appropriate than the traditional manual method, this Allo refining system weakens female labor intensity and augments productivity to be 8 to10 times more efficient. It also lowers the fuel consumption down by 1/10th. It is expected that this technological innovation will not only increase village revenue income, but also improve the quality of life for the Himalayan women and reinforce economic competencies. Development of another technology related to Allo textile will follow with a goal of opening a new pathway for Allo textile industry in Nepal while supplying high-quality natural textile products all over the world.


(photo 3) Entrepreneurship and Allo business strategy education 


All of Allo textile producers, village corporations, and government officials who participated in this education training for the new Allo refining system not only welcomed this product with enthusiasm, but also requested for development and distribution of follow-up appropriate technology products.


Production of Allo textile in Nepal has been decreasing due to the heavy labor intensity of the traditional Allo refining procedure which includes boiling of Allo peel and cleansing at a streamside.


One of the science and technology support projects of the Republic of Korea Ministry of Science and ICT for developing countries, HGU’s NITEC Project aims for the development of the Nepal community through college student and local resident entrepreneurship based on appropriate technology.


(photo 4) the 2nd Allo refining system instruction training and Allo business workshop


Since 2010, HGU Green Appropriate Technology Research Cooperation Center (Director Han, Youn-Sik) has carried out various development projects for developing countries with their appropriate technologies. The projects include: Science and Technology Support Institution Cooperation Project for developing countries, NITEC Project, UNESCO UNITWIN Program, Engineering Planning Contest for the marginalized 90%, Global Overseas Major Community Service Project, etc.

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