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A leading university, Handong Global University, that established the Korean Massive Open Online Course (K-MOOC), sets up an additional quality lecture
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Last year, Handong Global University (President Chang Soon-Heung) was chosen as the leading university to establish the Korean Massive Open Online Course (K-MOOC) and proceeded with three different lectures. Three new lectures have been opened additionally this year. Including the new lectures this year, which are 000, Handong Global University is providing 6 lectures in K-MOOC. ▲Preparation and Prospects for Reunified Korea (7 Professors including Professor Song In-Ho of the School of Law) ▲Introduction to Machine Learning with Python (Powers Kim Young-Sup of the School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering) ▲A Walk with Western Philosophy (GLS Professor Son Hwa-Chul)

In ‘Preparation and Prospects for Reunified Korea', seven professors at Handong Global University runs the class to study the different point of learning for the problem of unification. In addition, they teach the students the desirable view of unification along with ways to use their majors to prepare for the reunification. In this lecture, one can learn to understand the inter-Korean relations, means of reunification, unification based on the current economic and technological status of North Korea, way to help the North Korean refugees to adjust psychologically and any international relations related to the Korean Peninsula.

Professor Kim, Young-Seop's ‘Introduction to Machine Learning with Python' is a lecture where one can learn the principles and applications of machine learning based on the programming language, python. Machine learning is one of the fields in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This field develops the algorithms and technology that can carry out tasks based on several data that the computer has learned. One can learn the principles of machine learning and on this basis implement the artificial neural network and learning analysis throughout this lecture.

Professor Son, Hwa-Chul's ' A Walk with Western Philosophy ' is a lecture directed towards the general public and introduces important scholars and books in the Western Philosophy starting from the philosopher Thales to Nietzsche. The lecture is not about listing the historical facts and knowledge but aims to grasp the philosophy of the philosopher and the relationship of our life today. Since the lecture is directed towards the general public, one does not require to have the professional knowledge to understand the philosophies introduced in the lecture.

Lectures opened last year in K-MOOC such as ▲ Journey to Ten Art Museums of the World (Professor Kang Doo-Pil of the School of Communication Arts & Science) ▲Python Programming (Professor Kim Kyung-Mi of GLS) ▲Addiction Psychology (Professor Shin Sung-Man of the School of Counseling Psychology & Social Welfare) are also accessible to anyone.

All the six lectures of K-MOOC provided by Handong Global University are beginning during September.  ‘Journey to Ten Art Museums of the World' and ‘Python Programming', which have been opened last year, were instituted on August 3rd and is ongoing.

Newly developed ‘A Walk with Western Philosophy' and ‘Introduction to Machine Learning with Python' have been instituted on August 10th. Opened in 2016 and has been ongoing for two years, ' Addiction Psychology ' and newly instituted ' Preparation and Prospects for Reunified Korea'' will be open to take on the 17th of September. The three newly instituted classes' period of application for classes is till 12th October. Students can watch the lectures freely after they have registered for the lectures. 

Handong Global University is opening three new classes additionally next year which are ▲Understanding Modern Worldview (Professor John Choi of ICT) ▲Web/App (Professor Kim Koon-O of GLS) ▲Jurist and Politics (Professor Lee Kuk-Woon of the School of Law)

K-MOOC claims to support the Korean MOOC and started to operate the online courses in 2015. This system lets anyone take the lectures online with no limitation in the number of students. K-MOOC is a system that is adapted to Korea and aims to revolutionize University education through the open higher education system. University students, Professors or any lifetime learners may take lectures according to their needs at K-MOOC site K-MOOC HYPERLINK ""사이트HYPERLINK ""( ).

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