Irina Kravchenko
Nationality : Russian     Majors : GM&Counseling Psychology     Year 2012
img Handong has been a place of great changes in my life. I definitely gained much knowledge and experiences; I became stronger in my faith and my relationships with God became more mature; I met many people from all over the world, learned their culture and manners and also practiced tolerance and acceptance.

However what I appreciate the most out of all my experiences here is that Handong made me dream bigger. When I just entered the university my worldview was so narrow and my dreams so small. I would think of coming back to my home country and working as a manager at some company. I could never imagine myself traveling to many countries or doing masters in some prestigious university. Handong made all of this possible for me. Coming people – all this leads to one: seeing that the world is open and nothing is impossible with our God.

Now, looking forward to my last year at this place, I know there is so much out there, and I want to do it, and I know I can. Also, I know that you can! Each one of you who are reading this has a tremendous potential and you can be sure that Handong will help you discover it, it will help you find what you want and what you are good at, it will guide you towards the necessary knowledge and experience, and it will give you courage to go out there and to change this world!