Nathan Munezero
Nationality : Burundian     Majors : UIL&GM     Year 2011
img I graduated from Handong Global University, an awesome place where students from all over the world come to receive knowledge, training and develop their competency. Associating with these international students in and out of classes, serving and learning from them, simply becoming in tune with them; talking to our awesome professors and pastors who are always willing to help and counsel you if need be; engaging in different study groups, clubs, missions, joining different workshops and global forums to address global issues; these are what I enjoyed most at Handong.

These are few things that I would advise anyone (planning/ thinking to join Handong) not to miss, it will not cost you any extra money rather you will learn a lot from these awesome people from all the four corners of the world and it will enrich your cross-cultural understanding. Speaking of my Handong academic life in few words, I would say that it was Fun, Challenging but Worth it. Enjoy your life with others and be happy; time flies so fast so take full advantage of this wonderful community. My dream is to become a business leader who will set the example for others in Business administration and train/teach my Burundian siblings, the future leaders who will systematically improve the economic conditions of my homeland of BURUNDI.