Joong Hoon Baek
Nationality : Korean     Majors : Management/Psychology     Year 2012
img Overall, my life at Handong has been a meaningful one. I met people from all across the globe, met professors that were so visionary passionate and caring, partook in sports programs where I managed to form close bonds with other students from different cultures, took advantage of the knowledge offered at this school along with the Christian element of the school. For years I have been part of the International Dormitory dormitory where I was able to meet people from all continents, in which I learned what they liked and disliked, their foods and customs and how to get along with them. I was also part of teams the school provided. Here, the professors in charge would do their best to motivate us, listen to our concerns and needs, pray for us and impart wisdom upon us. Coming from a international background, I got to learn more of the Korean culture through being part of the Holy Rams, an American Football team. We trained during the vacation, played in games throughout the semester and was able to make it to the National Tournament in the year I played in: 2012. I would like to also mention The education of the school is challenging, where professors do their best job to help students understand their subjects proficiently. However, the main strength of Handong I would say is its spiritual element. The school offers many small Christian study groups that people can join to know more about God. They have worship teams, school choirs and other Christian programs that bring people together in the presence of God. Thus, I have never felt so Close to God in my life. There are few schools that offer all of this in one package, and that is why I am proud of this school and recommend it to others.