Christian Groups
CCC (Campus Crusade for Chirst)
CCC holds chapels twice a week. One service is with the CCC members from other colleges in Pohang. We gather together every morning to worship God.
IVF (Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship)
IVF is a Christian club which aims to evangelize the college campus. We preach the gospel to our friends on campus and form small groups to study the Bible. We hold Daily Prayer Meetings, Large Group Meetings and Missions Small groups.
ICTUS means ‘fish’ in Greek and was the word used as the secret symbol of Christianity in the early church. ICTUS in Handong is a group of people who are Catholic and we go to Catholic Church together every Sunday.
Prayer Meeting for North Korea
Since 1998, we have been gathering to study North Korea and pray for reunification. In Handong, we try to connect North Korean and South Korean students by holding conferences and parties to introduce North Korean’s politics, economics, culture, and social structure.
SFC (Student For Christ)
SFC is a group of people who are learning about the Bible by studying the widely held Church doctrines such as the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Heidelberg Catechism. We also hold QT meetings every morning and prayer meetings every Sunday.
Or is the prayer team for Israel who have experienced and have been experiencing God’s work and grace. We are praying for the Biblical restoration of Israel.


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