Sports Clubs
Armstrong, which is the only marine sports club in Handong, is a boat club. Since the club was established, we have been setting great records in several rowing races.
H. Milan
H. Milan is named after the famous soccer club, Millan, in Italy. H. Milan is the oldest soccer club in Handong and we participate in several soccer matches with Korean universities as the representatives of Handong.
Holy Rams
Holy Rams is the American Football club and we have four football practices every week. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) Holy Rams won victories in several matches as representatives of Handong.
HOOPS began with the establishment of Handong and we are the biggest basketball club in Handong. We host the Handong Athletic Meet and the Handong Basketball League We also participate as referees and manage the league. We also participate in several basketball matches with other colleges.
Hanbang Swings
Hanbang Swings is the only baseball club in Handong. We participate in several baseball leagues.
The club members are passionate learners of Taekwondo and we use Taekwondo as a means to praise the Lord and spread the gospel in Thailand, Laos, and Bangladesh every summer and winter vacation. We practice Taekwondo twice a week.
Smash is a group of people who are interested in table tennis. We welcome beginners. Please do not hesitate to apply even if you do not have a racket or other table tennis item.
Grand Slam
Grand Slam is the only tennis club in Handong. We meet once a week to train before we participate in several tennis tournaments.
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