Upon arrival at Incheon International Airport, go to the information desk and ask for directions on buying an airport limousine bus ticket

for Pohang (

• Departure Times: Incheon Int'l Airport  ►  Pohang  07:00, 08:50, 13:40, 17:10, 19:30, 21:30

• Bus Ticket Price: 44,300 - 48,700 KRW

• Traveling Time: Approximately 5 Hours



Pohang Intercity Bus Terminal  ►  HGU

Upon arrival at Pohang Intercity Bus Terminal (시외버스터미널), you can take Taxi, ask the taxi driver to go to "Handong Dae Hak Gyo

(한동대학교, Handong Global University)"

• Price: Roughly 25,000 KRW

• Travel Time: Approximately 30 Minutes


Pohang Intercity Bus Terminal  ►  School Shuttle Bus Stop at Yugurri  ►  HGU

Take a taxi and ask the driver to go "Choongang Art Hall (중앙아트홀, Pohang City Central Art Hall) located at Yukgurri (육거리). Bus stop

is in front of Pohang City Central Art Hall. Take the blue bus, which has the HGU logo on it.

• Shuttle Bus Price: 800 KRW

• Travel Time from Yukgurri to HGU: Approximately 20 Minutes



 Direction in powerpoint

* Bus Information:
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