About Handong
Education Framework
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Academic Programs in English
Curriculum offered in English
Courses below are 100% English Curriculum;
39% of courses in all other departments are taught in English.  (2020)
  • - Global Management (GM) Major
  • - US & International Law (UIL) Major
  • - Information Technology (IT) Major
  • - Global Convergency Studies (GCS) Major



First US style Law School
Handong International Law School (http://lawschool.handong.edu)
  • - Founder: Dr. Lynn Buzzard (Former Executive Director of the Christian Legal Society, Former Chairman of the Board, Advocates International)
  • - The Spirit of Handong international Law School:  joined together through worship and focused on how law relates to Jesus Christ, graduate law students drawn from dozens of countries study at HILS following a U.S. law-school curriculum emphasizing skills for global legal practice.
  • - The largest U.S.-trained law faculty in Asia teaches, disciples and serves these students in a common effort to prepare a new kind of international lawyer trained for Christian service.
  • - The only US-style law school in Korea with all courses taught in 100% English
  • - Fosters legal experts in the field of U.S. law and international law
  • - Preparation to attain U.S. lawyer license after graduation and Bar exam (70% of overall U.S. Bar Passage Rate)
  • - HILS graduates recognized as legal experts in domestic and international law firms, major companies, and government organizations
  • - A total of 480 lawyers in the U.S. (as of 2020)
International Cooperation - Partnerships
Higher Education Institutions - Exchange Partnerships
189 Universities , 57 Countries (Last Updated: 2021.2))
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Global Offices
  • - HGU center in Washington D.C., USA - Global America Business Institute
  • - HGU center in Silicon Valley, USA - INNObjects
  • - HGU center in Israel - Hebrew University
  • - Entrepreneurship Global Centers in Kenya, Ghana, and Peru
  • - LeTourneau University local center in HGU
  • - King Sejong Institute Upland (Korean Language Institution by Korean government) in Taylor University, USA
International Alliances
  • - The Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA)
  • - The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU)
  • - International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE)
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