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Do you remember the papyrus basket that carried Moses?

Handong Global University is like that Papyrus Basket. Moses, who was carried in the basket, became a strong leader who led his people faithfully. Handong students will also become leaders who will serve their society and world.

The Papyrus Basket is a spiritual symbol signifying that we can do nothing without prayer and God's provision. The Papyrus Basket has one solemn desire of raising and cultivating godly leaders. The Papyrus Basket projects dreams of a university free from tuition fees.

All that is needed to make the Papyrus Basket flow down the river, is a bank deposit of 1,000 won (approximately $1.00 U.S.) and a willing, prayful heart.

We hope that in God's university there will be no students who are forced to take a semester off because they are unable to pay their tuition fee. Even though 1,000 won may seem like a very insignificant donation, if there are 1,000,000 people who are willing to do that, a tuition free university is more than possible. Our morally sick society, with a longing for a university that seeks God, also needs people who are willing to pray and participate in the building of such a school.

We do not want Handong University to be just one of many schools in the world. Handong University is a university that aspires to change the world through the power of Jesus Christ by raising up leaders for the 21st century, men and women who are equipped with both academic and practical knowledge. Everyone who shares such a vision and wants to participate in its fulfillment belongs with Handong.

The reason it has been said that Handong's calling is to restore the vision that was lost by the rest of the world is because of God's visable guidance over the school, the precious people that are a part of Handong community and the God-given dream that we all share.

Handong's mission to change the world and to write a new history would be impossible without people like you. Together, with your prayers and financial support, we can fulfill the dream of creating a world-class university that is tuition-free and dedicated to the task of training God-honoring leaders.

You are welcome to become a steady partner of Handong Global University!

Why would most people who are familiar with Handong University say that if they were given a chance to do their university schooling one more time, they would choose no other school but Handong?

Handong University was given its name for its geographical location: Han(한[韓])- signifies Korea and Dong(동[東]) means east. As the name suggests, Handong Global University would rise in the eastern Korea just like the sun. The year was 1995. Handong University became a place that gathered into one dynamic community distinguished professors and outstanding students, people who shared a vision to change the world in the 21st century. Since then, Handong University has been committed to implementing innovative principles in education, and in the years from 1996-2001, HGU was recognized four times as "The Best School for Educational Reform" by Korea's Ministry of Education.

A university should be a place where professional education is combined with character development. Handong has already taken a first step to put that ideal into practice. However, it is very difficult for such a young school to accomplish that goal without partners like you.

We truly hope that together with you, we can make Handong a place that cultivates young leaders who are genuinely committed to God and His work.

Please, join us in our walk by becoming our partner through prayer and financial support.

TIMWORK, an Educational Mission Program of HGU

Let me introduce to you the program TIMWORK, an Educational Mission Program of the HGU..

TIM is an abbreviation for Timothy and TIMWORK represents the mission works of Timothy. This program is a model of an educational mission work which provides an opportunity to know Korea and God to students from developing countries and unreached people of the gospel. For long-term educational mission work, you and the church will serve as supporters and HGU will provide the education.

This is a new model for educational mission work.

God used Korean churches and extended the boundaries of the mission. Today in each place in the world, the gospel is spreading through Korean missionaries. However, due to the lack of educational facilities and conditions, many places are calling for constant nurturing activities for the local professionals. Recently, missionaries in many countries like the Middle East and China are being put on watch lists and expelled from the country which poses a challenge to attempts at mission works. Thus, when we nurture excellent human resources on faith and academic knowledge in HGU before they return to their home countries, they become instruments of change as missionaries in their home country. This serves as the new model of educational mission work for the 21st Century.

God works through people and people can be transformed through education.

Students from 60 countries of the third countries are studying hard and trying to know God. They consider Korea, a country that suffered through the ruins of the Korean war 50 years ago and has risen and grown miraculously, as a role model. Now is the time to start a new history of knowing God by educating students or youths.

TIMWORK, an Educational Mission Program of HGU
You can simply participate in this TIMWORK program by contributing one account of 100,000 won per month under your name or your church.
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