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Course Descriptions
The list of courses and corresponding credit hours that appear below is not exhaustive and is subject to change. Sufficient notice will be given to students of any such modifications.
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School of Contents Convergence Design
Color Theory and Industrial Color
3credit (Spring&Fall)
Learning and understanding the color and practical use of color. This class helps students to accept colors as part of their lives and use it for their own design by experiencing, feeling, learning, and applying them to their designs through theory and practice.
Fundamentals of Visual Communication Design
3credit (Spring)
This course aims for students' basic understandings in Visual Communication Design; this course will cover from basic knowledge of Visual Communication Design to deeper understandings in how to create creative designs (building creative system). This course is for students to explore creative processes.


Typography Design 1
3credit (Spring)
This course will examine basic typography as a compositional tool; the architecture of type from the single letterform to entire page layout. Every week the lecture and workshop will be held based on elements of typeface(alphabet) and typography. There will be weekly assignments, team workshop, and a final project for which students are responsible.
Presentation Technique 1
3credit (Spring)
This course has been developed to help students practice basic drawing skills for effective Design Presentation. Through the lectures, students will learn various ways to realize their ideas and how to make various forms. There will be ample time to practice what students have learned, and many tests to check how they have improved. By the end of the course, most of the students will have no problem to draw and shade various 3 dimensional objects.
Presentation Technique 2
3credit (Fall)
This class is about learning sketching and rendering skills for effective design presentation. Through the lectures, students will be given the opportunity to compare hand-produced sketching/rendering with computer-generated ones and understand the differences between the two methods and advantages and disadvantages of each. Students will learn useful techniques of each method. Along with analog exercises of assignments, students will have the time to practice what they have learned from the lectures.
Product Design Fundamentals 2
3credit (Fall)
This course is developed to have students experience basic product design process. After completing the course, students will be able to learn how to find design needs in their surroundings, how to generate proper ideas, and how to express the best design solutions for the needs. Students are required to practice 3 kinds of design activities: how to watch, how to think, and how to express.


Editorial Design
3credit (Fall)
This class is a course to learn the basics of editorial design from a to z. Also, this class is to practice how to practically use typographical knowledge that students already learned at the prerequisite course 'Typography Design 1'. Unlike typography classes focus on the operation of fonts, the editorial design will practice how to effectively deliver messages through letters and visual elements in various formats. To do this, students will experience various printed formats and practice how to effectively operate the grid system, which is the core of practical graphic design. Also, in the class, students will learn the Modernism graphic design theory and practice of how to design a multi-page book.
Computer Graphic Design 1 
3credit (Spring)
This class is to learn Photoshop tools. The purpose of this class is to help students to learn and get familiar using Photoshop tools through various examples and exercises. Furthermore, students can express their ideas freely using tools.
Design Studio 1
3credit (Spring)
This course has been designed to help students experience basic product designprocess through series of projects. There are two different design projects and lectures related to the projects. Students will be able to learn essential design principles and skills by working with interesting design items.


Design Studio 2
3credit (Fall)
This course is developed to have students experience the design development process using analysis of the flow of the market and consumers’ habits (user experience) of the subjects that we design.
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