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Global Korean Studies

About Major

The Global Korean Studies Degree is part of Handong Global University's globalization strategy. The degree serves the globalization of Korean studies through cultivating future leaders who think globally and take cross-disciplinary action. Through this curriculum, Korean students will gain greater knowledge and understanding of Korean Studies exposing them to greater opportunities in global settings, in business and studies alike. International students looking to focus their studies on the unprecedented democratization and industrialization of Korea will gain a comprehensive understanding of the nation's modernization process, gaining a powerful tool capable of contributing to the advancement of his or her own country, and serving as an ambassador to mutual development.

The Global Korean Studies major allows the option for Korean Language Teacher certification, open to both Korean and International students who wish to teach the Korean language around the world. The certification program will strategically contribute to a more effective sharing of Korean Studies and Korean culture around the globe, advancing Korea's international stature.

Message of Head professor

Message of Head professor_Jong Rok Kim

The Republic of Korea is not just a small country in easternmost part of Asia. Upon the grace of God, Korea has not only become the 10th largest economy in the world in an amazingly short period of time, but also achieved democracy gracefully and bloomed culturally as well.

However, this success story cannot be limited to only Koreans. Global Korean Studies (GKS) is established to share Korean experiences with global citizens. International students are encouraged to learn through GKS and contribute to their own country. Also, Korean students are expected to work proudly and effectively in various fields based on Korean Studies. It is truly enjoyable for both international and Korean students to be a team in studying together. The faculty welcomes you all to Global Korean Studies in Handong Global University.

Prof. Jong Rok Kim

An Alumni's Story

Students majoring in Global Korean Studies may choose from diverse interdepartmental secondary majors to pursue diverse career options. Possible combinations of interdepartmental majors include: Economics-Korean Studies, Business Administration-Korean Studies, International Studies-Korean Studies, Language and Literature-Korean Studies(Korean Language Teacher curriculum), Korean Law-Korean Studies, Journalism-Korean Studies, Performance and Film Arts-Korean Studies, Social Welfare-Korean Studies, Counseling and Psychology-Korean Studies, Design-Korean Studies, Architecture-Korean Studies, ICT-Korean Studies.  Korean students may find career opportunities as experts in Korean studies, in politics in Korea and abroad, media, education (public and private schools in Korea and abroad, King Sejong Institute Foundation, Korean Culture and Information Service, and Korean language institutes.) Korean companies, foreign companies, NGOs, and Missions organizations. Students who wish to continue their studies may do so at a post-grad level, and thereafter seek positions as researchers in relevant fields, professors in Korean studies, or teaching positions (teaching Korean in public and private schools in Korea).

International students may complete their studies through interdepartmental majors, such as IT-Korean Studies, GM-Korean Studies, or UIL-Korean Studies. This integrated approach opens diverse career opportunities as professionals in the student's home country, competent with an advanced level of expert knowledge concerning Korean studies.

Demand for Korean language teachers has risen markedly due to the Korean Wave featuring K-pop, K-drama, beauty, IT, and the Saemaul Movement. Korean and international students who complete the Global Korean-language Teacher curriculum will find opportunities around the world to teach Korean and develop fulfilling careers as an expert in Korean culture.

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