The Graduate School of Counselling Psychology
The Graduate School of Counseling Psychology is established to fulfill Handong Global University’s educational ideals and calling to mission, cure the pain and scars becoming so common on this earth and recover wholesome family relationships. This mission is manifested in the following curricular.
Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university or educational attainment equivalent to bachelor's degree approved by law.
Educational Goals
Holistic healing, prevention of spiritual-emotional diseases, and research restoration of broken families and churches. Send forth Christian Counselors, Family Counselors, Cognitive Behavioral Clinical Psychologists, Addiction Counselors, and other specialists who will vitalize counseling and social welfare activities of Korean Churches and contribute to a healthy society.
Hyeree Hwang (Ph.D., Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.)
Sung-Man Shin (D.Sc., Rehabilitation Counseling, Boston University, U.S.A.)
Hye Jeong Kim (Ph.D,. Clinical Psychology, Biola University, U.S.A)
Hye Joo Lee (Ph.D., Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A.)
Young-An Ra (Ph.D., Counselor Education, Penn State University, U.S.A.)
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