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HGM&L educates servant leaders who will impact the business world, society, and the kingdom of God through the integration of faith and learning, and the academic excellence, holistic education guided by Christian value.


To be a leading institution in creating and sharing knowledge in the emerging global economic and business paradigm, and providing agents of social change


- Educate dedicated leaders for their society and nation with “glocal” (global-local) perspectives
- Educate creative and transformative leaders equipped with problem solving capabilities through holistic education
- Educate self-motivated leaders equipped with competency to construct balanced and sustainable global world

Who We Are

Our program
HGM&L program is designed to develop a holistic personality in business graduates equipping them with analytical, decision-making, technical, interpersonal and technological skill set. It is a flexible program of study offering students a balanced approach to management, providing a foundation and advanced knowledge across a range of business and management principles.
HGM&L program provides customized electives according to student career paths. We offer individualized areas of emphasis in: Global Entrepreneurship, Social Creatinnovation, Digital Business & Economics, Financial Technique, Marketing & Innovation, and Organization Management & Leadership.

Our faculty
HGM&L professors are dedicated Christians who have both industry experience in the business world and academic and professional credentials. As such, they are excellent teachers and advisors when it comes to planning your career in business. Our professors have expertise in many areas, including global business, venture startup, social enterprise startup and management, business analytics, and digital marketing and management.

We integrate the faith and learning
HGM&L strives to provide ethical and faith-based learning experiences through comprehensive curriculum and practical application specifically designed for graduate-level education and spiritual growth. This is accomplished through holistic education rooted in the Christian worldview that guides journey for lifelong objectives, meaning and the truth in their business vocations as Christian professionals.

We see vocation as more than a career 
10 HGM&L education will prepare you for excellence in your career field—but our aim is far beyond that. We don’t just equip student to find a job; we empower you to discover your calling. We don’t just teach theories in the textbooks; we teach valuable life skills and train to be a change maker in your work, and your community.

Customized Areas of Study
HGM&L understands that the reasons for pursuing MBA program are varied and, as a result, we don’t follow a “one size fits all” approach. We provide customized electives according to student career paths. We offer individualized areas of emphasis in:

Global Entrepreneurship
The program includes consciously crafted courses to design career in business entrepreneurship imparting skills necessary to shape, assess, and launch a scalable innovative enterprises in global world. 

Social Creatinnovation
The program is to prepare and train individuals to create profitable and sustainable business opportunities in a world undergoing transformational change. The program aims to develop the next generation of leaders who will build, disrupt, innovate, and reinvent sustainable business and enterprises in a world that demands it.

Digital Business and Economics
The program provides the knowledge and skills applicable to real business by learning a variety of digital-related technologies that will contribute to improving the performance of the business..

Financial Technology
The program allows students to acquire state-of-the-art financial-related technologies and knowledge and technical capabilities to apply them to the business in the banking, financial and insurance sectors.

Marketing and Innovation
The program provides the advanced knowledge and practical skills of marketing for establishing innovative relationships with customers by creating innovative customer value.

Organization Management and Leadership
The program prepares individuals for managerial responsibilities in business, government and non-profit entities. This specialization develops broad-based skills in the management of cross-functional teams, project management, technology application, and new products and services development. A focus of the program is on managing a diverse work force and competing in a multi-cultural global environment.


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