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Semester Code Name Credits
Spring CCC20020 Communication Theories 3
Spring, Fall CCC20053 Mass Media & Society 3
Spring CCC20077 Documentary Theory 3
Spring CCC20093 Technical Communication in English 3
Fall CCC30071 Cinema History 3
Fall CCC30076 Development and Producing in Film and Media 3
Spring CCC40046 Mass Media Research 3
Fall CCC20034 Writing for mass media 3
Fall CCC20081 Survey in Theatre & Drama 3
Fall CCC20094 Introduction to Journalism 3
Fall CCC30052 Mass Media Reading 3
Fall CCC30073 Movie Criticism 3
Spring, Fall CCC40073 Film workshop capstone design 3
Fall CCC40075 Documentary Producing capstone design 3
Fall CCC40095 Individual Study 3
Spring, Fall CCC40096 Individual Study 3
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