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Name 가요한 (Yohan Ka)
Major Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Vanderbilt University
Research Area Christian Counseling/ Psychology Spirituality Development, Personality Psychology/Development Psychology, Object relation, Psychoanalysis
Office Hyundong Hall 328A
Contact / 054-260-1458

Name 강병덕 (Byungdeok Kang)
Major Ph.D., Social Welfare, University of Georgia
Research Area  
Phone Hyundong Hall 310A
Contact / 054-260-1434
Name 김혜정 (Hyejeong Kim)
Major Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Biola University
Research Area Child, Adolescent Counseling, Suicide, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Multi-Cultural, Hospice Counseling, TCK, Spirituality
Office Hyundong Hall 328c
Contact / 054-260-1455
Name 라영안 (Young-An Ra)
Major Ph.D., Counselor Education, Pennsylvania State University
Research Area  
Office Hyundong Hall 415
Contact / 054-260-1225
Name 신성만 (Sungman Shin)
Major D.Sc., Rehabilitation Counseling, Boston University
Research Area Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Schizophrenia, Major Depression, and Addiction
Office Hyundong Hall 327
Contact / 054-260-1333
Name 유장춘 (Jangchoon Yoo)
Major Ph.D., Social Welfare, Yonsei University
Research Area Social Welfare Studies, Local Social Welfare, Social Works of Church
Office Hyundong Hall 323B
Contact / 054-260-1451
Name 이지선 (Ji Sun Lee)
Major Ph.D., Social Welfare, UCLA
Research Area  
Office Nehemiah Hall 424
Contact / 054-260-3115
Name 이혜주 (Hyejoo J. Lee)
Major Ph.D., Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology
Research Area Conditional Reasoning Test for Aggression (CRT-A), Implicit Assessment, Passive Aggression, Calling
Office Hyundong Hall 315
Contact / 054-260-1836
Name 전명희 (Myung Hee Jun)
Major Ph.D., Social Welfare, Yonsei University
Research Area  
Office Hyundong Hall 311
Contact / 054-260-1452
Name 정숙희 (SookHee Jung)
Major Ph.D., Social Welfare, Kyungpook National University
Research Area  
Office Hyundong Hall 310B
Contact / 054-260-1454
Name 조성봉 (Sungbong Cho)
Major Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapy, Florida State Univ.
Research Area  
Office Nehemiah Hall 425
Contact / 054-260-1934
Name 황혜리 (Hyeree Hwang)
Major Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Research Area  
Office Hyundong Hall 312
Contact / 054-260-1280
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