School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering



Dean                             Joonyong Lee
Office Location        Newton Hall 309
Contact Info             (+82) 054.260.1414


Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Advanced Computer Science*, Advanced Electrical Engineering*

The School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (CSEE) guides the development of information communication technology, the core of change in 21st century society and culture, in a way that pleases God so that His will may be carried out through information communication technology development and application so Kingdom of God will come. Furthermore, CSEE seeks to develop future leaders in the field of computer science who desire to utilize their skills in service to God and society. For this purpose, CSEE emphasizes the cultivation of Christian character, the establishment of Christian worldviews, and the social, ethical responsibilities of specialists and fosters individuals who can lead such trends in the field of information communication technology by means of formal and informal education.



The goal of the School is to gain comprehensive understanding of information communication technology through a double major in Computer Science or IT (Information Technology: a program for globalization of computer science professionals with English lectures) and Electrical Engineering. In particular, students in the 4th year (senior year) are offered a specialized education program—in areas such as Software Development, Embedded Systems, Communication and RF/IC—in conjunction with businesses to obtain specialized, complex practical skills by focusing on practical issues.


Career Prospects

Leading corporations and businesses in the industry of electronics, computer and information communication, semiconductor, and information systems favor students of CSEE, who graduate with practical experience as part of integrated majors. Also, many of the graduates move on to graduate school to further studies in computer science, electronic engineering, information communication engineering and other related areas.




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