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About the Department
School of Contents Convergence Design
img Dean : In-Wook Choi
Office Location : Nehemiah Hall 218A
Contact Info : (+82) 054.260.1466 (

Visual Communication Design Major, Product Design Major
As design becomes increasingly significant to companies and countries alike, the School of Contents Convergence Design aims to bring forth capable workers with the caliber to lead the design culture and to raise the nation’s competitiveness in the design industry. Recognizing designers as "problem solvers", the school trains talented people possessing both horizontal and vertical thinking abilities, and trains students through the use of computers and information theory and analysis.
Prior education in art is not required for students majoring in this School. By accommodating recent trends in design, such as User Interface Design, Multimedia Design, Universal Design, the School aims to cultivate the mindset of an international designer. Majors are offered in Visual Communication Design and Product Design with courses such as Idea Conception Training, Computer Graphic Design, Illustration, Presentation Technique, Advertisement Design, Systematic Design, and Design Marketing.
Career Prospects
Careers in the industry include broadcasting studios, professional design companies, industrial research institutions, new media industries, commercial industries, film-related industries and more. Likewise, the demand for designers in indirectly related fields is on the increase. To provide a smoother transition into the working world for our graduates, the School is in the process of establishing an international design exchange as well as a design research center.
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