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Name 허명수 (Myungsoo Hur)
Major Ph.D., English Literature, Oklahoma State University
Research Area Shakespeare, Translation Studies, English and American Literature, English Lecture
Office Hyundong Hall 309
Contact / 054-260-1330
Name 김준형 (Joonhyung Kim)
Major Ph.D., Politics, The George Washington University
Research Area Political Economy, International Politics, Korean-American Relations
Office Hyundong Hall 316
E-mail / 054-260-1397
Name 나윤숙 (Younsook Na)
Major Ph.D., English Literature, University of Nevada-Reno
Research Area American Novel, Literature in Education, Women's Literature
Office Hyundong Hall 314
Contact / 054-260-1363
Name 닉 란팅가 (Nick Lantinga)
Major Ph.D., Politics, Loyola University
Research Area  
Office Hyundong Hall 305
Contact / 054-260-1335
Name 마민호 (Minho Ma)
Major Ph.D., Politics and Public Administration, Peking University
Research Area  
Office Hyundong Hall 313
Contact / 054-260-1283
Name 박원곤 (Won Gon Park)
Major Ph.D., Diplomacy, Seoul National University
Research Area Northeast Asia International Relations, Security, Diplomacy History, International Politics Theory, North Korea, Korea and US Alliance
Office Hyundong Hall 317
Contact / 054-260-1418
Name 박혜경 (Hae-Kyeong Park)
Major Ph.D., English Education, North Carolina State University
Research Area Interpretation Studies with English Pedagogy, Interpretation Education, English Education Curriculum Development
Office Hyundong Hall 308
Contact / 054-260-1331
Name 방청록 (Chung Rok Pang)
Major Ph.D., Politics, The University of Birmingham
Research Area  
Office Hyundong Hall 311-B
Contact / 054-260-1344
Name 윤상헌 (Sang Hun Yoon)
Major Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Research Area Syntactic Theories, Syntax-semantics Interface
Office 054-260-1284
Contact / 054-260-1284
Name 조준모 (Junmo Cho)
Major Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Toronto
Research Area Syntax, Morphosyntax, Language Acquisition, LF and PF Interfaces
Office Hyundong Hall 306
Contact / 054-260-1357
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