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Semester Code Name Credits
Spring, Fall LAW50004 Capstone Project 3
Spring, Fall UIL30051 Survey of American Law 3
Spring, Fall UIL20013 Legal Research and Writing 3
Fall UIL20012 Legal Argumentation 3
Spring UIL30011 Public International Law 3
Spring UIL30014 US Constitutional Law 3
Spring UIL30015 US Contracts 3
Spring UIL30016 US Criminal Law and Procedure 3
Spring UIL30017 US Torts 3
Spring UIL30018 International Economic Law 3
Fall UIL30013 U.S. and International Business Law 3
Fall UIL30020 Advanced International Law Seminar 3
Fall UIL30068 American Legal Theory 3
Spring UIL40016 Intellectual Property Law 3
Spring UIL40064 Legal Negotiation 3
Spring UIL40075 Justice: Readings in Moral & Political Philosophy 3
Spring UIL40012 Constitutional Democracy in Comparative Perspective 3
Spring UIL40015 Korean Law & Legal System 3
Fall UIL40017 International Environmental Law 3
Fall UIL40020 Comparative Legal Systems 3
Fall UIL40059 Law and Contemporary Issues 3
Fall UIL40092 Special Topics in UIL ⓐ 3
Fall *UIL30093 International Human Rights Law 3
Fall UIL40013 Law & Development 3
Fall UIL40014 Lawyers in Society 3
Spring, Fall UIL50007 Independent Study 1 3
Spring, Fall UIL50008 Independent Study 2 2
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