School of Life Science



Dean                             Chang-Kee Hyun
Office Location       Nehemiah Hall 317B
Contact Info             (+82) 054.260.1340


Life Science Major

The School of Life Science endeavors to equip students with a holistic and appreciative view of life and nature by understanding and exploring God’s agency of creation abiding in life. Students embody the latest biotechnology of the 21st century as specialists and talented people of neighborly love, disease cures, and offering healthy lifestyles.



The school runs advanced education courses in life science, integrating life and food sciences, in order for students to extensively understand life phenomena and to confront future changes in the industry. The course offerings include Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Applied Microbiology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Ecology, Medicinal Chemistry, Food Processing, Food Analysis Lab, Food Chemistry and Nutrition.


Career Prospects

Future career may include a wide variety of settings such as the food and pharmaceutical industry, or in governmental or industrial research institutes. Graduates are particularly suited for advanced research within their specific areas of specialization.



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