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School of Mechanical and Control Engineering



Dean                         Chongsun Lee
Office Location       Newton Hall 106
Contact Info            (+82) 054.260.1322

Mechanical Engineering Major, Electronic Control Engineering Major

The School of Mechanical and Control Engineering aims to cultivate problem-solving engineers, who become lifelong self-motivated learners, create high-value products through the development of new technology, and have moral values and leadership skills to bring about change in society.



The School teaches ‘Mechatronics Technology,’ a synthesizing approach to 'Mechanical Engineering' and 'Electronic Control Engineering'. It also teaches ‘Embedded Technology,’ a combined approach to Computer Science and Electronic Control Engineering. Students are taught to design, fabricate and control the various systems in the most optimized approaches. This technology is becoming ubiquitous in computerized and intelligent, ultra-precision processing equipment, electronic information devices, automobiles, aerospace transport aircraft, and plant-!oor devices. Courses like Creative Design for Engineering, Fusion Mechatronics Design, and more are taught in small groups. Students can learn directly through the various assignments and experiments given to design, fabricate, and experiment using different devices on their own to experience hands-on learning.


Career Prospects

The career path is highly diverse and offers a wide range of options. Depending on the individual's future plans, one can pursue a career in different industries, research institutes, academia, or government agencies. The major industries include the semiconductor and display industry, robot industry, electronic information devices and consumer electronics industry, automobile and shipbuilding industry, steel industry, the aerospace industry, as well as the environment and energy industry.




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