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Name 김재효 (Jaehyo Kim)
Major Ph.D., Computational Intelligence, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Research Area Computational Neuroscience, Human Exercise Control, Biosignal Processing, Human Interface
Office Newton Hall 101
Contact / 054-260-1391
Name 김영근 (Young-Keun Kim)
Major Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, KAIST
Research Area Robot/Vehicle Vision, Smart Material Application
Office Newton Hall 107
Contact / 054-260-1438
Name 나원상 (Won-Sang Ra)
Major Ph.D., Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Yonsei University
Research Area Guidance, Navigation and Control of Aerospace Systems
Office Newton Hall 106
Contact / 054-260-1368
Name 배건웅 (Gunwoong Bae)
Major Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University
Research Area Embedded Controller Design, Hexa Pod Control, Nano Control
Office Newton Hall 105
Contact / 054-260-1394
Name 이권영 (Kwon-Yeong Lee)
Major Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, POSTECH
Research Area Energy, Plant Engineering, Multi-phase Flow
Office GGDC 203A
Contact / 054-260-1176
Prof. Lee, Eun-ho
Name 이은호 (Eun-Ho Lee)
Major Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, KAIST
Research Area Innovation of Design, Multi-physics Mechanics, Material Modeling, Production Engineering
Office Newton Hall 206
Contact / 054-260-1365
Name 이재영 (Jaeyoung Lee)
Major Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, KAIST
Research Area Thermalhydraulics, Nonlinear Dynamics and Control
Office Newton Hall 103
Contact / 054-260-1392
Name 이종선 (Chongsun Lee)
Major Ph.D., Bioengineering, The University of Iowa
Research Area Bioenergetics, Bio-mechatronics
Office Newton Hall 104
Contact / 054-260-1393
Name 제양규 (Yanggyu Jei)
Major Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, KAIST
Research Area Robot Kinematics, Rotor Dynamics
Office Newton Hall 102
Contact / 054-260-1311
Name 김영인 (Young-In Kim)
Major Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, UCLA
Research Area  
Office Professor Emeritus
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