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Semester Code Name Credits
Spring CUE20002 Mechanics of Materials 3
Spring CUE20003 Drafting and CAD 4
Spring CUE20005 Introduction to Architecture 3
Spring CUE20051 Fluid Mechanics 3
Spring CUE30001 Architecture Design Studio 1 4
Spring CUE30003 Structural Engineering & Design 3
Spring CUE30012 Porous Materials Engineering 3
Spring CUE30030 Spatial Numerical Analysis 3
Spring CUE30031 Environmental Ecological Engineering 1 3
Spring CUE30051 Land Use Planning and Development 3
Spring CUE40052 Environmental Impact Assessment 3
Spring CUE30062 Urban Planning and Design lab. 4
Spring CUE40052 Environmental Impact Assessment 3
Fall CUE20004 Structural Analysis 3
Fall CUE30006 Reinforce Concrete Engineering 3
Fall CUE30018 Geotechnical Foundation Engineering 3
Fall CUE30032 Environmental Ecological Engineering 2 3
Fall CUE30057 Theory of Urban Structure 3
Fall CUE40020 Numerical Modeling for Scientists and Engineers 3
Fall CUE40056 Theory of Housing and Habitation 3
Fall CUE40061 Site Planning and Design 4
Fall CUE40064 Architecture Design Studio 5 4
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