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Name 구자문 (Chamun Koo)
Major Ph.D., Urban & Regional Planning, University of Southern California
Research Area Research of Urban House and Redevelopment, Research of Economy Industry Policy, Developing Country Research, East Sea Rim Area Research
Office Newton Hall 201
Contact / 054-260-1422
Name 김두순 (Albert DooSoon Kim)
Major Ph.D., Architecture, Carnegie-Mellon University
Research Area  
Office Newton Hall 202
Contact / 054-260-1425
Name 김주일 (Juil Kim)
Major Ph.D., Urban Planning, Seoul National University
Research Area Urban Planning and Designing, Urban Structure, Urban Cultural Space Behavior, Urban Regeneration
Office Newton Hall 203
Contact / 054-260-1433
Name 안경모 (Kyungmo Ahn)
Major Ph.D., Coast Engineering, The University of Florida
Research Area Stochastic Processes in Coastal Engineering
Office Newton Hall 204
Contact / 054-260-1421
Name 이대준 (Daejun Lee)
Major Ph.D., Architecture Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Research Area Modern Self of Architecture in 19th Century
Office Newton Hall 205
Contact / 054-260-1395
Name 이처경 (Cheo K. Lee)
Majo Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT
Research Area Groundwater/Dispersion, Consolidation, Marine Pollution, Ocean Acoustics
Office Newton Hall 208
Contact / 054-260-1426
Name 정상모 (Sangmo Jeong)
Major Ph.D., Civil Engineering, The University of Michigan
Research Area Structural Engineering, Utilization of New Materials in Construction Field, Earthquake-proof and Seismic Isolation Design, Structure Ductility
Office Newton Hall 207
Contact / 054-260-1424
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