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 Admission Guide for Prospective Foreign Students Academic Year - Fall , 2017
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Fields and Admission Quota
Graduate School(General studies)
Course Field Department Capacity
Integrated MA

Humanties and Social Science

Psychololgy open
Engineering Spatial Design & Engineering open
Mechanical Engineering open
Advanced Green Energy & Evironment open


Life Science open
  • Both the applicant and his/her parents must be native citizens of a foreign country(non-Korean citizens).
    Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university (or expected to receive a bachelor’s degree before Aug, 2017) or educational attainment equivalent to bachelor’s degree approved by law(16 years of elementary, junior/middle, high school and university education in foreign countries)
  • Applicants who submit internationally authorized English test score which is taken within 2years, such as TOEFL(IBT 80, PBT 550, CBT 213), TOEIC 700, TEPS 572, Toeic-Speaking130, TEPS-Speaking 51, Opic IM2, IELTS 5.5 or higher will be preferred. For those who does not have a score of any authorized English tests at the time of adimssion, his/her head professor is required to submit a document specifying an expected date of their test score report .Each department will be prepared with this document(Applicants who received their full education in  a country whose native language is English, do not need to submit their English test score). 
Application Process
  • Document evaluation and interview will be held at once.
  • Document evaluation will be the result of Pass/Fail.
  • Document evaluation is reviewed comprehensively based on the submitted documents such as the university transcript(GPA), study plan portraying the suitability for the proposed program and their English  proficiency.
  • Graduate school of general Studies admission committee will make the final decision on the acceptance.
Required Documents
- Steps for submission
1) Apply through webpage
2) Submit below document as a scanned file through email
3) Submit original copies by postal email
    (Evaluation will go through with the submitted documents by email, so the original copies does not need to arrive before the deadline)
- All documents must be written in Korean or English. Documents written in any other language must be submitted with a notarized document.
  • Application form (visit the admission homepage and click ‘fill in an application’. After completing the application, print it out and submit it with a photo pasted) 1 copy
  • Self-introduction form(available on the web) 1 copy (Download - MS Word)
  • Study plan(2~3 pages, A4 size) 1 copy
  • Recommendation letter(available on the web) 1 copy (Download - MS Word)
  • Official University transcripts(for 4 years) 1 copy
  • Official University diploma or certificate of pending graduation 1 copy
  • Official document(s) indicating parent-child relationship between applicant and his/her parents or Graduation Certificate of elementary / junior high school 1 copy
  • Applicant’s passport 1 copy
  • Household registers or ID card of all family members 1 copy (Only applies to Chinese Students)
  • Head professors recommendation for English test score: Each department will prepare this document.
Application Schedule
Contents Period

Application registration

(University webpage ‘admission’-> Submit the application through web)

July 3(Mon.) ~ July 7(Fri.), 2017 by 15:00

Expected interview

July 14(Fri.), 2017


before July 19(Wed.), 2017


August 21(Mon.) ~ August 23(Fri.), 2017

Notes for Applicants
  • Since submitted documents are primary materials for assessment, be as specific as possible in filling in the application.
  • Be sure to make and keep photocopies of all completed forms. Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants.
  • Any false or misleading information found in the application or supporting documents will result in cancellation of admission.
  • Admitted students should pay tuition fees during the registration period. Otherwise, admission will be cancelled.
  • Applicants can only apply to one department (applying to two or more departments is not allowed).
  • Notices regarding admission, interview and information for admitted students is posted on the admission website. Applicants should take full responsibility for any complications caused by his or her lack of effort in going over the information thoroughly.
  • New students cannot take a leave of absence in their first semester.
General Information
Forms distribution
  • Applicants can download admission requirements, application form, and recommendation form from Handong Global University's Internet Homepage at
Application registration 
  • Dept. of Academic Affairs Sect. of Graduate School
  • Tel. # : 82-54-260-1202
  • Fax. # : 82-54-260-1209
  • E-mail :
  • Registration by mail is limited to the ones delivered by 15:00 of the final day of registration.
  • Dept. of Academic Affairs Sect. of Graduate School
    Handong Global University
    Pohang, Kyungbuk, Republic of Korea(37554)
 - Starts : August 29(mon.), 2017
 - Semester : 4semesters(2years) 
Expected expenses
 - Admission fee : 900,000KRW
 - Tuition : 5,646,000KRW per semester
 - Housing : About 1,400,000KRW per semester(2people using room)(semester is for 16weeks. Stay during vacation is not included)
 - Meal : 2,800KRW per meal(Korean Table)

Graduation requirements

 - Complete course(credits)

- comprehensive test

- Thesis submission

- English teset score(exception for those who submitted at the time of admission)

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