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Undergraduate Admissions - Freshman & Transfer


Dates for Spring, Fall 2023 Admission
Process Spring 2023 Fall 2023
Application Distribution 1-20 Oct 2022 (5pm) 1-20 April 2023 (5pm)

Submission of Documents

All the required documents must be submitted 

by postal mail with a tracking system or in person.


On legal holidays including weekends,

the documents cannot be accepted in person.


Any changes in Application Distribution

/ Documents Submission,

it will be on the notice (“Campus Announcements” )

1-20 Oct 2022 (5pm) 1-20 April 2023 (5pm)

Notification of Step 1 Result

Please be sure to type

in the accurate e-mail address

25 Nov 2022, 3pm (Fri) 26 May 2023, 3pm (Fri)


Video interview (e.g. ZOOM)

or in person, choose one of them

30 Nov 2022 (Wed) 3 June 2023 (Sat)

Notification of Final Decision

Please be sure to type

in the accurate e-mail address

14 Dec 2022, 3pm (Wed) 23 June 2023, 3pm (Fri)

Registration (Tuition Payment)

• If the tuition payment is not received during this period,

the applicant will be considered unregistered

and the admission will be cancelled.  


:16~19 Dec 2022, 5pm 

& Tuition Payment

: 7~9 Feb 2023, 5pm

& Tuition Payment

3~7 July 2023, 5pm 


Tuition and Fee (per semester, as of Spring 2022)
  • - Freshman : 3,661,000 KRW
  • - Majors
  • • Humanities & Social Science: 3,019,000 KRW
  •  Engineering & Arts : 3,874,000 KRW
  •  Combination of Humanities & Social Science / Engineering & Arts :3,446,000 KRW
  • - Dormitory: Approximately 850,000 KRW (Shared or Single)
  • - Meals: Approximately 1,000,000 KRW
  • - For International Students: +82-54-260-1806
  • - For Korean Students: +82-54-260-1085



* Undergraduate-Transfer Admissions*
 Sophomore-year Transfer Students
Applicants must have completed at least one year of academic study at a Korean or foreign college that corresponds to a 4-year or 2-year Korean college. For students attending the British education system, academic study at a 3-year university is accepted.
– Junior-year Transfer Students
Applicants must either (1) have completed at least two academic years of study at a Korean or foreign college that corresponds to a 4-year Korean university (for students attending the British education system, a 3-year university is accepted) or (2) have graduated from a Korean or foreign college that corresponds to a 2-year college.

Transferring Credits


A maximum of 65 credits that the applicant received at another school may be transferred to HGU. Credit transfers are limited to coursework and must include the course title and letter grade on the transcript submitted to HGU at the time of application. The limits are shown in the following.

Track (Required Credits at HGU) Credit Limits
Double Major (33 credits + 33 credits) within 18 credits per major
Single Major (66 / 60 credits) within 33 / 30 credits
Minor within 12 credits per course of study


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