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All scholarships will be based on the exchange agreement between Handong Global University and student's home institutions. It will be only open to students from designated partner universities, and students can apply for scholarships after nominated as scholarship students from HGU and home institutions.
Global Korea Scholarship (GKS-Exchange)
HGU is host university of Global Korea Scholaship (GKS) by Ministry of Education of Republic of Korea. 

 Selection process

1. HGU selects universities by semester
2. Selected partner university nominate scholarship students to HGU
3. Selected students submit scholarship documents to HGU
4. HGU examines requirements among applicants and submit documents to the Korean government (NIIED)
5. Korean Government (NIIED) selects the final students
  • - Must hold Foreign citizenship (Korean citizenship and dual citizenship holders cannot apply)
  • - Must currenty enrolled as a full-time student pursuing undergraduate in HGU's partner university
  • - Must not be studying in Korea now
  • - Must completed at least 1 academic year (Sophomore staniding or higher can apply)
  • - Must not at any time have ever received a Korean government scholarship
  • - Must have more than 80% higher GPA (100% scale)
  • - Airplane ticket (for both arrival and departure from Korea)
  • - Living Expenses (about 300,000 KRW per months)
  • - Tuition fee
  • - Settlement Allowance (about 200,000 KRW)
  • - Medical Insurance
ASEM DUO Scholarship
This scholarship is that one pair of students between Korean and European can possibly benefit from it. New project based application under DUO-Korea shall be given priority in selection. Asemduo scholarship positions will be notified by your home insitutions, after discussion between two institutions.
  • - An educational institution in Korea (home institution) and an educational institution in Europe (host institution) have established an academic cooperative agreement
  • - The Korean home institution has selected a Korean national student enrolled at the home institution to send to the European host institution, and the selection has been accepted by the European host institution
  • - The same European host institution has selected a EU citizen student enrolled at the host institution to send to the Korean home institution, and the selection has been accepted by the same Korean home institution
  • - 8,000 euros for both students in a pair (1 semester or four months, whichever comes earlier) Maximum duration for application is 1 semester
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