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General Short-Term Visa (C-3-1)

1) This visa is usually called a tourist visa, and you can apply for it at the Korean Embassy or Korean Consulate.

2) Students who wish to study for only 1 semester or students who do not have enough time to get a D-4 visa can apply for a C-3-1 visa and receive Korean language training and stay in Korea for 90 days.

3) Students who entered Korea through C-3-1 visa but want to study for more than 1 semester, please bring your admission certificate and certificate of enrollment after registering for another semester and go to the nearest immigration office to change or extend your visa.

4) The General Short-Term Visa (different from the visa-free entry) is issued after applying for it through the Korean Embassy (Consulate). Please check the requirements beforehand to make sure that you do not mistakenly enter the country without the necessary visa.

5) Currently, Japan and Germany are the only countries where students who have entered without a visa can change their visa. However, for Chinese students, C-3-1 visa issuance is limited according to the consulate. Please check with your consulate before submitting your documents.




General Student Visa (D-4)
  • 1) This is a visa for students who plan to study abroad for longer than 6 months.

    2) You will need to apply to the Korean Embassy or Consulate in your country and have a letter of acceptance from the Korean Language Institute as well as your bank statement.

    3) It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to issue this visa, and the period of stay is 6 months.

    4) The General Student Visa (D-4) can only be granted for the period of time the student has registered to study. If a student has registered and paid the tuition fee for two semesters, he or she can issue a student visa for six months, which is equivalent to two semesters.

    5) If you register and pay for four semesters at once, you can extend it by three months after receiving a six-month student visa.

    6) Students who first come in with a C-3-1 visa and decide to stay for more than one semester may choose to switch to a D-4 visa while enrolled at the Korean Language Institute.

    * The “Standardized Admission Letter” required for a General Student Visa (D-4) is only issued to students who have applied and registered for more than 6 months.

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