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Stories of HGU Alumni

“Taking a Closer Step towards Global Corporate with a Spirit of Challenge and Working Together.”


Jang, Joon ik/ Class of '06/ Management and Economics


Management Planning at Kakao Corp

This modern society is rapidly changing every day at the invention of new technologies such as AI, robot and bigdata. In this time like this, I think I was so lucky to major in Global Entrepreneurship with the slogan saying ‘create something out of nothing.’ I’m currently working as a KAKAO mobility in the management planning department. Out of so many options after university, I was able to work at this corporate because of education I had in Handong.


Friends and I were very open to facing new areas and unafraid of facing challenges. Breaking the barriers between the departments, we took many courses of different majors from Law, Mechanical Engineering and Design, which put emphasis on the ability of cooperation with experts from across the fields.  And professors did their best to support us when we came to discover the area of our interest and helped us to bring out the best result. Working as a team, I was trained on communication skill. In particular, I was able to find out what I like and what I’m good at with the help of one to one mentoring from professor.


Management planning department establishes business plans and strategies, prepares budgets and oversees the financial administration to monitor risk. Since I had experience developing business plans and putting them into practice at Handong, I came to have an eye of understanding business plans quickly, and I think this aspect helped me stand out. Including myself, friends of mine are currently working across different fields. Some are at a graduate program, some are scouted and working at corporate, and some are ICT entrepreneurs. I learned problem solving skill, mindset and attitude in dealing with challenge. In short, I learned to have a perspective. I’m looking forward that students remaining in Handong will become an equipped leader of this generation through GE major.


“Africa, the very place where you can live out lessons you’ve learned in Handong!


Sohn, Jung Eun / Class of '12/ School of International Studies, Languages and Literature 


World Vision Global Business Department   

I majored in International and Area Studies and I’m currently working at global business department of World Vision and. I’m currently working on a project to solve manultrition problem in Rutsiro, Rwanda which shares the border with Congo. It’s been 6 months since I moved into Rwanda. Livig here, I can tell that lessons I’ve learned in Handong have been a very good foundation in  carrying out this project.

In order to solve many problems we face, what we need the most is the ‘power of thinking,’ Countlessly many things take place here unexpectedly. And there’s no single right answer to these issues. Taking lanauge and literature classes, I was trained on the aspect of critical thinking and problem solving skills as I got to shed different kinds of lights and perspectives on international issues. One of the things that I’m proud about Handong is that students are able to freely share different point of views, instead of simply memorizing one specific answer.


I also learned the wisdom of working together. I’ve been working with different kinds of people from different backgrounds from Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, United States, Japan and many more. One of the values I’ve learned from Handong is that we learned to view “difference’’ as each other’s “uniqueness” and I think it’s because of the environment allowed me to interact with people of diverse background on a daily basis. Taking part of orientation for foreign students, I met many friends from different countries and I think  this helped me enjoy living in Rwanda.


Although invisible, time I had in Handong is ingrained in every part of my life, directing which way I should keep walk in.  I pray that newly entering freshman will be able to see something just beyond having a job, so that they can discover a greater vision and life lesson at Handong.



“With the basis of creative thinking and teamwork I’ve learned at Handong”


Sohn, Da Yeol/ Class of '12/ Computer Science and Electronic Engineering 


SW developer at Samsung SDS

I graduated in August, 2018 and since then I’ve been working as SW developer at Samsung SDS. From the interview to administrative works at a coproate, I’m confident that what I’ve learned and experienced at Handog had contributed a lot in terms of handling my job.

At the interview, the corporate tests you on your ability in the relevant field and organization suitability. Having countless experience of participation-based classes and problem-solving projects, I was able to handle the interview well. I even got a good feedback from the interviewer that the answer I proposed was creative even if it was not the answer the interviewer intended to have from the interviewee.

Working as a SW developer, I’ve learned that corporate job is not just about doing programming well but also about building a good team with the people around me. So I’ve been trying to recognize those who are more competent than me and at the same time help those who need help. In fact, this is what I’ve learned through Community and Leadership Training.

I heard lately that Handong has been designated as one of the SW university. I took a look into the curriculum, and I was surprised that there’re a lot of course overlaps what we do in practice at a corporate.



“To take a closer look at the Korean unification issue, I wanted to become a military judicial officer.”


Won, Bo Ram /Class of '10 / School of Law


Laywer , Military Judicial Officer

Studying Law and International Area studies, I became interested in international politics and reunification of Korea. For this reason, I went to law school, and there, I discovered a job called military judicial officer. And I came to believe that there’s a reason why I was born in Korea, a divided nation and why I became interested the issue of reunification as I studied Law and International Area Studies. With these past experiences, I came to the conclusion that Korean armed force could be a good place where I can take a closer look at the North Korean issue. So I applied to become a military judicial officer.

I still remember when I had an interview to get a job as a military judicial officer. My academic grades were not excellent, and my resume didn’t really stand out much. Instead I submitted my volunteer activity I’ve been doing throughout the years in university. I arrived at a place for interview, feeling nervous. And the judicial office director there told me that he was deeply touched by the volunteer service I took a part consistently and he even told me that he respected me. This incident has become a point where I took a deep sense of pride in the spirit of Handong, which is serving and loving neighbors.

While studying at law school and even now, working as a judicial military officer, I’m reminded of each individual of Handong professor. I find myself following the path of professors who give their best in their expertise as a Christion. I’d like to keep growing expertise in my field and become a legal expert who is pleasing to God.

The world told me that you have to step on top of others to suceed, and that was the world’ definition of success. In the midst of all these voices, Handong taught me what is like to love neighbors, serve and devote yourself. Every time I want to compromise with the world, I remind myself of professors and friends I met in Handong. I believe that Handong alumni, in all parts of the world, are consistently trying their best to change the world in their own ways. I hope that students in Handong will learn the spirit of Handng and unique lessons they can only get from Handong and become prepared to became a person who can change the world.



“There’s no campus like Handog whose alumni deeply care about as much as we do.”


Kim, Hwi / Class of '11 / School of Life Science


LG Chemistry

‘What kind of plans does God have for you?I’ve heard this kind of question countless times while I was on campus. For those who are unfamiliar with the word “God,’ you can just simply think of it as ‘ a dream you have.’ My answer to this is I had many dreams and they changed many times from paten attorney to mechanical engineer, scientist to a full-time missionary and eventually CEO of my own start-up company. 

In the midst of this journey, entering Handong with undeclared major has really helped me finding what I really like to do. I think this undeclared major system works not only in the first time you enter.  This unique system works in favor of you through the 4 years of university where you can make use of 4 years in searching for career. You can be flexible with what you want to become. I heard some other universities newly incorporated this entering college with major undeclared, but I think Handong has its own unique environment with a longer history.

On top of anything, I think Community and leadership Training is the best system one could have.  Once you come in Handong, you will have to build relationship with a new group of people each semester. And the relationship you will have will not simply become your network, but they will be people you can share your life with as we pray for each other and dream together. I used to talk a lot about on Science topic with teammates.  And we together, as a team, eventually participated in LG Global Challenge program hosted by LG. And we won the 2nd place.

Let me end my story of Handong with this:

There’s one common thing that I can find from Handong alumni. That is that they all love and miss Handong. Probably there’s no campus like Handong whose alumni deeply care about. I hope that you will become a student of Handnog who continues to dream and love Handong.



“Surprisingly, out of 30 people there, 3 of them were Handong alumni.”


Oh, Beom Hoon/ Class of '06/ School of Management and Economics 


KEB Hana bank

Hello, I’m currently working at KEB Hana bank and I majored in management. It’s been 5 years since I graduated. Looking back on the old days I had in Handong, I feel like it was a dream.

I remember when I first came to Handong. I wasn’t really used to a community setting and intimidated by team activities. Working at a corporate, I’ve come to realize that the spirit of community and serving each other I learned at Handong is such a valuable lesson one can learn. Lately, I had an opportunity to go abroad to do voluntary service abroad for a week. This opportunity was only for 30 people with a good reputation across the entire corporate branches. Surprisingly, three of them were Handong alumni. We shared each other stories and we came to reaffirm that Handong spirit has contributed to where we are now.

I’ve heard a lot people at a corporate saying, “For some reasons, you seem unique. I feel like you have something else others don’t have.” I came to realize that there is nothing much you can handle alone at a corporate setting. Thus,teamwork is an essential element to so many aspects including meeting, sales and presentation. I think 4 years of community leadership training at Handong was so naturally ingrained in me that I was able to recognize for such trait.

I think there are also other aspects of  Handong education aside from this  community and character building trait. I took one liberal compulsory Computer Science class and there I was able to practice financial knowledge into actual practice. I was really glad when I was able to bring out the skills I learned from the class into corporate works

I’m really grateful for place like Handong. If I had not learned lessons at Handong, I wouldn’t be able to live as I do now. I will continue to live as a proud Handong alumni.  I hope that those who are hoping to study in Handong will live a life as a salt and the light in this world.



“I was able to stand out as a candidate with interdisciplinary experiences.”


Lee, You Joon/ Class of '11/ School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering 


Information and Computer department at Far East Broadcasting Company

I majored in Computer Science and I’m currently working under Information and Computer Department at one broadcast company. I myself majored in Engineering but I had not studied this area back in my high school. Thanks to the undeclared major system, I was able to find my strength and study engineering.

In the first semester of the freshman year, I was initially interested in Management, which was very popular by then. But taking management classes, I realized the management classes weren’t as interesting as I thought they would. Instead, I found myself interested as I took ‘C Programming’ class. So I grew my interest in Engineering taking ‘C Camp’ and ‘Introductory course o Engineering Project,’ And that was the beginning of my journey as an engineer. This was something I would never be able to imagine myself doing it back in high school.

After graduation, I wanted to purse my career towards project management job where I can incorporate new IT system instead of an engineering in which I have to research and develop on the basis of computer science engineering. My academic background in social science and having a major in Engineering at the same time became my strength which stood out in terms of communication aspect and humanitarian understanding. Also many different projects I conduced with students of different majors also stood out to the interviewer and I was able to stand out as a candidate with rich experiences of interdisciplinary studies.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen to me if I had gone to other university. I might have ended up majoring in management at somewhere else and having a whole different job than what I do now. Handong’s undeclared major system opened up the possibility for me to walk in this area and helped me grow into an integrated person. Finding myself really enjoy working as a software project manager and as a developer, I’m confident that Handong was such a privilege to me even though Handong may not be the only one answer to everyone.



“Once an ordinary engineer student has made it to global IT corporate.”


Park, Sang Yoon/ Class of '14 / School of ICT Entrepreneurship 


Global IT corporate 

I was just a typical student studying Engineering in Seoul. And I personally got to know God and this led me to think that I’d like to study in God’s ways and eventually made a transition to Handong in 2016.

At first, I was interested in Counselling Psychology. As I think through what I would have to study in this rapidly changing society, I decided to major in ICT Entrepreneurship.

I really appreciate all the valuable opportunities I had experienced as I studied ICT Entrepreneurship. I took a part in overseas exchange program and there I eyewitnessed the world of global business. And with the experiences I had overseas and executive skills, I was able to have an opportunity to work at OECD for half a year.

I’m graduating soon. And my first step towards the corporate world is a global IT company in the field of virtual cloud software. I did not spend my university life simply just aiming to get a job and good academic performance. Instead I actively searched for opportunities and challenged myself. And this has shaped me to become who I am now. It has been a quite journey of adventures and challenges, from the moment  I decided to make a transition to Handong and all the things I went through while studying ICT Entrepreneurship. My parents used to be against the risk I was getting into. But now they are my big supporter.

I think it is really important to challenge yourself with belief. I’m so excited for the journey ahead of me where I can keep challenging myself. I hope those reading my story will be able to challenge yourself without hesitation.


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