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Vacancy Announcement of Tenure Track Faculty For Fall Semester 2021
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1. Vision and Educational Goals

- Cultivate honest Christian leaders who can transform the world with the spirit of love, humility and service, and glory of God.

- Raise honest global leaders who serve communities, nations, and the world, especially developing countries, through their professional skills and personal ethics.

- Train honest and competent intellectuals who re-establish the true purpose of education in various academic fields with a Christian world-view, and restore Biblical creationism and impaired morality. (Isaiah 58:12)


2. Fields of Faculty Invitation


Field of Invitation




School of Management and Economics

Accounting, Finances, Marketing, Production Management and all fields of Management

Open throughout


School of International Studies, Languages, and Literature

International Area Studies (Field of International Development preferred), All Fields of English (English Education preferred)

Open throughout


School of Law

US and International Law and All Fields

※ Must possess Juris Doctor or be a certified lawyer of U.S. - must be able to teach all subjects in English

Open throughout


School of Counseling, Psychology, and Social Welfare

Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology and all fields of Psychology, Social Policies and Senior Welfare (General Social Welfare)

Open throughout


School of Communication Arts

Mass Media Information (New Media), Performing Arts and Filming (those majoring in Filming and Videography preferred) and other fields

Open throughout


School of Spatial Environment System Engineering

Construction (Construction Design, Construction Planning) and all other fields

Open throughout


School of Mechanical and Control Engineering

Electronical Control Engineering (Autonomous System and AI Convergence),

Mechanical Engineering (Energy Materials/Fuel Cell) and other fields

Open throughout


School of Contents Convergence Design

Visual Design (Service Design, Graphic Design) and all other fields

Open throughout


School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering (Semiconductor Circuit Design, Embedded System) and all other fields

Open throughout


School of GE & ICT

ICT Convergence / Entrepreneurship (Basic ICT Technology, Ergonomics, HCI and Multimedia Contents Development) and all other fields

Open throughout


Global Leadership School

Mathematics, Korean Literature, Korean Language Education and all fields of Humanities, Social Education, Natural Sciences

Open throughout



3. Qualification for Application

Faculty that can view his/her major from a Christian perspective, guide students, understand the holistic education policy and evangelical Christian spirit of the university, through the understanding, participating, and implementing such is a basis for the application

A. A person without disqualifying aspects towards appointment in a Private Education Institution.

B. Additional qualifying basis are added for non full-time faculties (by area of appointment).

C. A person that can conduct lecture in English (native speaker level preferred)


4. Documents for Submission

  A. Application Form on the notice should be submitted to e-mail

  B. Those that pass the Screening Round will be requested to submit further documents below (to be notified separately)

    (1) Self-Introduction Form (Detailed), 1 Copy

    (2) Certificate of Graduation and Transcript (Bachelors, Master’s, Doctorate), 1 copies each

    (3) Certificate of Experiences (for experiences in the past 4 years only – certificates for all experiences must be submitted after final selection confirmation.)

    (4) Copy of Certificates, 1 copy (if needed)

    (5) List of Researches and Development Results (inclusive of Subject, Researcher, Presentation Date, Summary of Thesis), 1 Copy

    (6) 1 Copies of Doctorate Thesis and theses for last 3 years

    (7) Research Results (for past 3 years), 1 copies each

    (8) Recommendation Forms, 2 Copies : Must be one from field of studies and one from non-majoring field (faith area)

      (If selected to submit further documents, please pass on the attached Recommendation Form to the recommenders and the recommenders should submit the Recommendation Forms directly to 



5. Selection Process (Refer to HGU Homepage for detailed screening procedures and criteria)

A. Step 1 : Document screening (Applicants will be notified of the result via e-mail or phone)

B. Step 2 : Basic and advanced screening (This step is applied only to those who pass step 1. Applicants will be notified of the result via e-mail or phone)

C. Step 3 : Interview (This step is applied only to those who pass Step 2. Applicants will be notified of the result via e-mail or phone)

D. Step 4 : Interview with president of Handong Global University (This step is applied only to those who pass Step 3. Applicants will be notified of the result via e-mail or phone)


6. Others

A. The Self-Introduction must include a proof to potentially implement and direct Christian perspective while in appointment.

B. Appointment will be cancelled should the contents of application are found to be false.


7. Contact :


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